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First post of 2017.
Who is still here? haha.

Just found out not too long ago that Polysics is coming out with a new release this year to commemorate for their 20th anniversary. They're calling it "Replay!"

NEW ALBUM『Replay!』
1.Tune Up!
2.シーラカンス イズ アンドロイド 2017
3.Young OH! OH! 2017
4.Shout Aloud! 2017
5.Urge On!! 2017
6.Electric Surfin’ Go Go 2017
7.Digital Coffee 2017
8.Rocket 2017
9.カジャカジャグー 2017
10.MEGA OVER DRIVE (Live at Shinjuku ReNy 2016/10/13)
11.Let’s ダバダバ (Live at Shinjuku ReNy 2016/10/13)
12.Buggie Technica (Live at Shinjuku ReNy 2016/10/13)

『Replay! Live Side DVD』
1.Tune Up! (from COUNTDOWN JAPAN 16/17)
2.シーラカンス イズ アンドロイド(from Now is the live!)
3.Young OH! OH! (from BUDOKAN OR DIE!!!! 2010.3.14)
4.Shout Aloud! (from BUDOKAN OR DIE!!!! 2010.3.14)
5.Urge On!!(from DVDVPVDVLIVE!!)
6.Electric Surfin’ Go Go(from Now is the live!)
7.Digital Coffee(from We ate the show!!)
8.Rocket(from We ate the show!!)
9.カジャカジャグー(ハヤシ iMovie Edit)
10.MEGA OVER DRIVE(from What's This???)
11.Let’s ダバダバ(from MEMORIAL LIVE OR DIE!!! 祝1000本&15周年!!! 2012.03.03/04)
12.Buggie Technica (from LIVE AT newwave)

album cover is: … eplay/buy/

so by the looks of it, the album has one new track, eight rerecorded songs, and a couple of live performances.
the dvd includes live versions from past released dvd's of the same 12 songs.

personal opinion: When are they gonna get their own tribute album?! I'd love to hear other bands versions of Polysics songs. Also, not too excited for this release, I'm actually kind of afraid to hear the new version of Rocket.


The main thing I have been looking forward to from them ever since Budokan was their mention of performing New Wave Jacket with Kayo for their 20th anniversary. Now since that year has come, hopefully something like that will happen. A bit early, but who knows; there are still 10 months ahead.



New fan of the band here! I discovered them around August of last year and have been obsessed ever since. I was disappointed when I found this forum that it was all but dead, it's hard to find any discussion of this band, in English anyway lol.

I was under the impression at first that Replay! would just be live recordings, but new versions is a lot more exciting. They're in a really cool place sound-wise right now, so I'm looking forward to hearing the new takes. The only disappointing thing though is I wish they'd chosen less songs from the Karate House-We Ate the Machine-Absolute Polysics! era (though on second thought the early songs are so perfect I'm not sure I'd want new versions). I hope they put it on iTunes.


So I my copy of Replay! arrived.

I got the limited set with the DVD and A4 pocket (?) thing. It's not a great set. The music disc is 12 songs, 1 of which is new (Tune Up) that's ok, 8 re-recorded songs and 3 live tracks. The re-recorded tracks sound weird. The vocals sound too loud and because the music has been re-arranged or altered it sounds like someone doing karaoke over old Polysics songs. Having said that the extended intro to Coelakanth is Android and Electric Surfin' Go Go are kinda decent. Ultimately though none of the re-recorded tracks sound as good as the originals.

The live DVD is mostly just a bunch of clips from previously released DVD's which feels incredibly cheap. There is a recent performance of the new track Tune Up and there's a super-early performance of Buggie Technica which is has the original band line-up (with the other guy keyboardist whose name I've forgot).

It's probably worth tracking down Tune Up, but I wouldn't bother with the rest.


Just remembered the board when listening to my polysics collection.  Sad to see it died out like this but happily surprised to see these small signs of life smile

I gave up after Weeeeeeeeee!!! The few things i've heard after that album had too many EDM influences. I feel the loss of Kayo made them rely on machines more, which allowed them to push the tempo up and layer more sounds into the songs. Sad that they didn't include some of their early work in this release.

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I also got the album and I wasn't too happy about it either. just got the songs though, didn't bother with the dvd release. All of the songs (In My opinion) were inferior to their originals. Every one.

what do you guys think of the new suits at least?


Haven't had the time to give it a listen, so nothing to say on that front quite yet. I am really digging the new suits though.