Topic: Hayashi's pedalboard?

I believe the title said it all. Does anyone had a chance to see this pedal board? What kind of pedal he is using?

I'm wondering how can he get his guitar sound so thin like that...

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Re: Hayashi's pedalboard?

I have seen a few pics of pedal boards over the years. I will search around and see if I can find you some of those pics.

Here is one, sure which board is his.

Re: Hayashi's pedalboard?

They go over a lot of the stuff that goes into their music in the bonus DVD for eee-P!!!, and it even has an English subtitles option, so if you're curious, definitely get your hands on that. I swear there is a section talking about his boards, too, so that'll probably answer your question.

Also the bonus DVD for Absolute POLYSICS was great, though it is a six hour long session where they're making an entire song. They don't go into specifics of what petals they use, but it's a great behind the scenes look of what they do to make a song.

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