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Topic: David Sutter Music

Radium Soundtrack

This is a soundtrack for an indie video game so it's all short, looping chiptunes. Catchy, though.

New Year New Wave

I made this around this time last year. Mostly an excuse to dump songs I did on Korg DS-10 but it's got a couple other things.

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oh, man I never thought I would here anything as good as this created on a DS-10. I have one, but I hate that you have to pre-program the music before you play it in song mode. anyways, good work dude cool

It's baby baby baby baby portable rock!

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Dude I love this stuff. Nice work!

If only I could find my copy of DS-10 sad

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I have DS10 plus. not a great dif thou.


I said I'm fine!

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Here's a new thing.

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I figured I'd tell you what I'm doing right now.

A cover of a new wave classic called "Clones" by Alice Cooper.
All DS-10 except vocals and guitars. Should be done in the next couple days.

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Here's a song I finished a couple days ago.

It's a chiptuney song but it's got a beat made with Stylophone Beatbox samples.
I think it turned out great.

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I like that new song very much.

D&D Sluggers is not a softball team, but I guess it is.

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Thanks. It's available here for the low, low price of zero dollars.
Or whatever you want to give me. It's the Radiohead pay system. tongue

(The Angulars is my band. My band which is me and two people who have done nothing on the tracks yet. But I tire of doing everything when I make music so I decided to claim this cool band name I made up.)

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New joint.
Or rather, old joint but not 8-bit anymore.

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Got around to putting a song on Bandcamp.
For the first time in like a year.