Topic: POLYSICS - Pippikkippippip DVD

I am selling my Polysics - Pippikkippippip DVD on Ebay.   I'm selling it for $40.  Now I see some other guy has it selling for $99.  Am I selling it too low?  $99 and he says his disk is scratched but plays.  Mine was recently opened for the first time, no scratches or anything.  What do you guys think, should I ask for more? … 23325fd638

Re: POLYSICS - Pippikkippippip DVD

I think both you guys are overpriced, considering that you can get a BRAND NEW copy from CD Japan for about $27 dollars...

I'm sure other online outlets have it for a similar price. Nonetheless, it is often quite possible to purloin a higher price on ebay simply because there are many shoppers who forget to "shop around" before buying something.

Good luck!