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I went to see Oreskaband play for the second night this week!!! (I know I'm spoiled.) They were incredible and cute as hell. lol After they played their encore, I grabbed a set-list and when I turned around I saw a face that recognized from a band I listen to everyday. I was in complete shock and still am. lol I made light conversation and let her go back to talking to the Merch lady for Oreskaband. All in all probably the best day ever.

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That is awesome! What a mind blowing by-chance encounter that must have been !!

Did you speak English with her?

I think Kayo liked the Oreskaband performances as much as you. She wrote extensively about it on her blog today.

What a great moment! Thanks for sharing the photos too!!

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Yeah, what was funny was the show 2 nights before I was wearing my Moog Is Love shirt so it would have been really crazy if I met her that night. haha

I don't speak Japanese so it was all English. I was so nervous though, that she probably was just laughing to herself the whole time. She was super nice. Might see her again someday. We end up going to a lot of the same shows and I find out after when she posts them in her blog. haha

Sucks I didn't go to that after party she talked about as I saw a lot of fans from the show in the video. I didn't want to seem like a creepy fan so I left after taking the picture.

I was definitely the best day I can think of in my life so far. Oreskaband was very nice too, wish I would have talked a little more to them, but I'm always afraid of making people mad. At least I had the guts to get pictures this time, unlike when I saw Guitar Wolf. :'(

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To be fair, only a minute few could get away with not looking ridiculous when being with Guitar Wolf (and that wasn't meant as a critism to the band if it wasn't obvious: they are cool in essentially the same way POLYSICS are--being vague here can't be bothered giving my reasoning hmm although it's pretty clear anyway) so you may have done the right thing if you wasn't prepared.

Likewise I guess if you were on your own it would be easy to come across as at least slightly sleazy/clingy in front of an all-female group--especially if you didn't properly know about the after party.

The bands arguably are obliged to be nice to the people who have paid to see them (I don't mean that they have forced themselves, but that they have decided that to be open to meeting people) but if you are concernced that you are annoying them then think how they can gain from you--even if it's something trivial to you. In this case they are Japanese, you are (presumably) American so you (presumably) know more America then they do--having said that Guitar Wolf may know more about 50's America! Obviously don't just walk up to them and spout random information to them in the hope that something sticks!

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Yeah, I'm not one of the people who stands on the other side or the table and stares at them for the whole show. I just went up said Hi, bought my merch, got a picture and said have a great show. Not sure if you thought I was saying I did more. I'm pretty sure they weren't faking being happy about having fans in another country. I have met many famous American band members, so I know they are just normal people who are stoked to meet any fans.

The party I saw after on youtube and thought it would've been cool to go too. It doesn't bother me that I didn't go, especially because I wasn't invited. lol I was just some dude.

With Kayo, I was just caught way off guard and I'm not sure of her English level so I didn't want to make it too awkward. Her and the Oreskaband merch lady were laughing and said this was my greastest day ever. (Since the show was a last minute free show, and I got a set list and to meet one of favorites musicians ever.) I'm pretty sure I didn't come off creepy, clingy, or sleezy.

Hope none of this comes across wrong. I'm not a English scholar, so I'm sure the grammar nazi's could attack all day.