Re: Weeeeeeeeee!!!

I gotta say, this is easily my favorite release since Kayo left the band. The last half of the album is a lot of fun.

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Re: Weeeeeeeeee!!!

FTBO! You are Magical! How did you get this?!!!

by the way: are these password protected? what's the password???

Nevermind, I found a Torrent of the album X3

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Re: Weeeeeeeeee!!!

Listening to the tracks now


Kitchen Ban Ban sounds like I'm playing a game XD

I was most excited for Lightning Express, I'm happy to say it didn't disappoint ^_^

Actually, I agree this album as a whole did not disappoint for me, I think this album was really good, I think my only complaint is that the pace of each song rarely changed, but I like how each track had a new variation of the bleeps and noises that helped distinguish each song and made each one unique.

As a whole, I give it about a 4 1/2 of 5, I was very happy with the outcome of this album, it was a big step from their last record so it goes to show Polysics can still rock. ^_^

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Re: Weeeeeeeeee!!!

The password is: REMOVED

Several sites providing this album. Don't think this is allowed here to post. ^^

After several years a guest i'm registered here. I liked so far every release from POLYSICS. And so this latest release "Weeeeeeeeee!!!". This one has something special. It really reminds me of their early fun works.

By the way, the complete POLYSICS performance at Rock in Japan Festival 2012 is out! I think i will provide a streaming or something.

Re: Weeeeeeeeee!!!

I think I've been listening to it at least 15 times since yesterday ^^

Re: Weeeeeeeeee!!!

@taopriest - Welcome to the Community. Love your Capsule avatar big_smile

thanks again for the password, I went ahead and just found a torrent of the CD, opened beautifully :3
And you are right, were not allowed to post those links, but I think some people still do it tongue
Oh nice, how exciting to see the Japan Festival ^_^

Re: Weeeeeeeeee!!!

Folks. I will only say this once: read the frickin' rules. No. Download. Links. Ever.

Re: Weeeeeeeeee!!!

Lucky Star has been growing on me, so I wonder how this album will sound to me.... I'm waiting to buy it. I haven't even listened to the previews of the album! I want it to be a surprise!!

I don't post here much anymore but I still have a fond appreciation for Polysics. Hit me up on Twitter @west_haven if you really wanna talk to me smile

Re: Weeeeeeeeee!!!

hopefully you enjoy them, I really enjoy this album a lot smile

Re: Weeeeeeeeee!!!

so far I'm 3 tracks in and I LOVE IT! Probably in the top 3 Polysics releases so far, although Lucky Star is so so. Then again I am a huge fan of messed up time signatures and loud annoying keyboards XD

Re: Weeeeeeeeee!!!

How are the sales so far going in Japan? Are they still popular there?

Re: Weeeeeeeeee!!!

Debuted at #46. A drop of about 20 places from their previous album.

Re: Weeeeeeeeee!!!

Just put this on for a first listen.

Tracks 1-6. Sparkling Water is decent, Lucky Star sounds listenable. Distortion and Steam Pack are good, Steam Pack in particular has a nice Now Is The Time feel to it. Ice Tights Mike is one of those tracks that has some good ideas but just needs a bit more shape. Why is ok, bit by-the-numbers.

Tracks 7-9. Quiet Smith is funny, but not really that likeable (interesting though). Kitchen Ban Ban is actually quite soothing after Quiet Smith, it also breaks up that relentless poly-sound that usually steam-rolls through their albums. Lightning Express seems to be the track that suffers from over-bleepiness, theirs a decent song in their somewhere.

Tracks 10-12. Raptus is pretty good, it's driven by the rhythm section and isn't drowned out by all the layered crap. High Kcal, very short (1:20) which is a relief. Sounds like a TV show theme song. Everybody Say No was a pretty decent A-side. It's probably the best track of the album.

Tracks 13 and 14. Round The World has got something, follows on from Everybody quite well. Weeeeeeeee!!! is ridiculous, kinda crap as well. Shame as the rest of the last portion is pretty strong.

Overall then, it's pretty solid. Better than 15th P and Heavy Polysick, easily their best full release as a 3-piece. As per usual it would be possible to cull about 5 or 6 tracks and have a much better body of work but they seem to be under some sort of obligation to put out 40-minutes worth of noise.

As expected, every track suffers from having too much "bleepy-shit". Seriously, someone needs to tell them cut that out, it's like some sort of audio-cancer that has set in amongst their recent output. The drumming seems a lot better on this album as I actually notice it now.

I can see Everybody Say No, Steam Pack and Round The World holding a place in future Polysics playlists for me.

Re: Weeeeeeeeee!!!

tl;dr - i like the new album aside from a few things


More synths:  A problem I had with the last few releases is that the synth sounds sounded too similar.  real good mix of sounds here.  Keep piling them on, i don't give a fuck.  Love that middle 8 of "Lightning Express"

dat bass:  Fumi has the FRESHEST bass lines here.  They're simple, but really stand out

Steam Pack:  Notice something about this song?  No electronics!  And it still sounds just like a typical Poly song.  I kinda wanted the band to go for a stripped down approach after Kayo left.  At least we got a small taste of it.

Distortion:  This should have been the lead single.  It's a song everyone can get into, and has more character than "Lucky Star"

Why:  This is their "Race of Doom".  Prob my fav jam on the whole album.

Everybody Say No:  Thought this song was rather bland until I heard in in context with the rest of the album.  Now I really enjoy it as a dependable breather after the hyperspace speed the rest of the album is on.  Kind of like "LED" and "Cars".


Hayashi's voice:  getting higher pitched as he gets older.  How is this possible?  "Quiet Smith" and "Sparking Water" reach uncomfortable levels of high voices.

"Weeeeeeee!!!"  - Don't wanna sound like I'm too cool for something, but damn, I hate that expression.  Also, the title track is a great song, ruined by that damn yell.  "Round The World" suffers from the same "rocking song / shitty chorus" syndrome.

High kcal:  cool title, pointless song.  Would have preferred "No Control" over this.


This album made me kinda sad Polysics is more "kooky" than "crazy" these days, but only because this album pushes the limit more than I ever have heard since Yano joined the band.  I welcome this new era of sequencer driven Polysics into my life with open arms.  This is great stuff.  I just wish they would ease up on the cutesy-childish stuff.  It makes it harder to defend against the typical "LOL Japanese band" discredit.

Then again, I must be a huge hypocrite, because I think "Kitchen Ban Ban" is a pretty good song.  "Lucky Star" still gets on my nerves a little bit though.

Re: Weeeeeeeeee!!!

drink slurm wrote:


Hayashi's voice:  getting higher pitched as he gets older.  How is this possible?  "Quiet Smith" and "Sparking Water" reach uncomfortable levels of high voices.

This ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. It's like he's just yelling and not singing, which saying that may make sense. Saying a bunch of random shit does not make a great song. I cannot remember which song it was, but at least one song would have totally benefited with no vocals at all, because I could hear an amazing song underneath. He really needs to change up something, or get Fumi and Yano to sing more to balance it out. Of course, I'd love Fumi to sing more period!

In my opinion, Lucky Star has surprisingly grown on me, which is scary because at first I hated it so much. I think the PV startled me and totally turned me off, but now that that association has worn off, the song sounds better to me now. I still love Everybody Say No and I can't help but sing along to that one. I feel like that is a song that I can actually put in a playlist with past Polysics songs.

I would say more about all the other songs, but now I cannot remember what songs I liked and didn't like, and the song titles. More or less, though, this wasn't a horrible album, but it wasn't great either. I feel like I yearn for the days where an entire album felt complete together (like We Ate The Machine) but each song was still great on its own.

I'm going to give the album more tries, of course, because that's how Lucky Star became attached to me. But in the past, a Polysics album wasn't like that.

I don't post here much anymore but I still have a fond appreciation for Polysics. Hit me up on Twitter @west_haven if you really wanna talk to me smile

Re: Weeeeeeeeee!!!

Reading your advices, I can only disagree, I think this album is coming back to basics and I really love it, better than the previous ones. I love bleepy-shit, I love high-voices, because this is their mark, because they are totally fucked up and that I don't expect too many pop songs (even I do like them too). With Weeeeee they have put away some redundant things that overstocked many songs of their last albums. They grew up listening to punk, post-punk and növö bands, and they just habe captured so much their spirit. A song like Quiet Smith is I think totally punk, disturbing, insane, absurd and funny as hell. For me it is perfection, really.
And I even made a video for this song ( ^^
Arigatoisu !

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Re: Weeeeeeeeee!!!

To be clear, I do enjoy, and always want more gibberish, nonsense, and yelling. It's the tone that doesn't gel with what I want out of the band.  Ten years ago, when this band did something crazy, it had this offensive tone to it.  Now it's more of an inviting "come be crazy with us!" style.  I want Hayashi to yell, but I want him to yell like he did on the first two albums.  Not squeal.

My three complaints were actually three different ways to voice the ONE thing that bugs me about the album: a very predictable mainstream Japanese pop tint, and only point it out because literally everything else about it is up my alley. 

"Lucky Star" is a very conflicting song for me, because despite a really great layering of synths, it's fundamentally a generic j-pop song.  Fumi has a cute tone in her voice, not her trademark tomboy vocals.  Even the title itself is an eye-roll.  As someone who has grown up on punk rock too, I have a hard time shutting down the siren in my brain telling me this song (and a few other little touches on the album) was just made to cash-in on the mainstream; be that may the band's decision, or forced by the label.  Given that the shutters have been closed to the outside world lately, it seems likely Sony demanded something that could maybe be sold to an anime or whatever.

And it's not a terrible song!  It's just not what I come to the band for.  I said almost the same things about "Rocket" and Baby BIAS" (and for the record, this song is better than both of them).  They're a talented enough band to cater to everyone.  And if people want to get into Polysics simply because they like Japan and want something that reminds them of it, fine.  There's no such thing as an illegitimate reason to like a band.  I even know my reasoning is stupid, because i have a hard time articulating the difference between those songs, and their other crazy pop ones that I love (like Catch on Everywhere and がんばれミリンダ)

Re: Weeeeeeeeee!!!

I guess I have the unpopular opinion because I really don't like this album. aside from the 2 songs from the singles, anyway. I just... I don't know. I listened to it several times but I really don't enjoy it. I find myself either irritated or just kinda bored, which is saddening. not that I'll dismiss it, I hope it grows on me someday. though I don't think I'll EVER enjoy Sparkling Water. I like my POLYSICS to be obnoxious but that song is waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much for me, not enjoyable.

I only heard Everybody Say No once before I got a hold of the album, the one time I watched the PV. and I hardly remembered it but I was like "WOW I LOVE THIS SONG"

I was actually kind of out of POLYSICS for a while but this new album has gotten me more into them than I have been over the past 6 months or so...

I was a member here, but it was with my old e-mail address so I just joined again. old name was Emma-chan :'>