I'm not sure if this was worth creating a thread over, but its related to Polysics music so I thought this might be a good place to put it.

So I was browsing on the net on Polysics content when I came across this website.
It's called Mora, and I guess its like a music store where you can instantly download the songs to your mp3 player or whatever.
either way, it had a pretty good batch of Polysics songs but there were 3 albums that caught my attention.

There are 3 different versions of 1, 2-Daa! from the 15th P album.

Each version is basically each of the 3 girls singing the whole song by themselves. So there is a Fumi version (green back cover of the 15 p album), a 小島麻由美 version (blue back cover of the same album), and a ユウ (from GO!GO!) version (pink!).

I never knew this was even available, did anyone know about this???

It's worth checking out in my opinion, here's the link if you are interested:


VERY interesting versions of the song, plus a great resource in general!

Awesome find Lu456!



yeah, its really cool, and I was right, its an online music store that you can download straight to your computer.
Unfortunately, as I suspected, no one outside of Japan can purchase anything in the store.  They made sure of it by adding like two layers of security, one to block IP addresses that aren't from Japan and another to block anyone that's using a credit card not issued in Japan. hmm


@Lu456 - That is an EXTREMELY frustrating report!!

However, there is a way to purchase downloads or /and physical copies for reasonable prices...

If you haven't already, scope this website:

If they do not have what you're looking for in inventory, they will offer you the opportunity to tell them where you found it, and they will buy it for you and ship it to you!! Seriously, can it get cooler than that?

Depending on what you're looking for, there are some surcharges and such, but clearly it is because they are physically going somewhere, buying something for you, bringing it back to the shop, wrapping it up and shipping it to you. The CDJapan people are VERY VERY cool compared to the upper management at the evil record company cartel...

Don't get me wrong, I'm not some Rockefeller with fist fulls of cash suffering from extreme Polysickness - in fact I'm using my children's school lunch money to buy Polsysic's CDs while they starve...Unfortunately bread definitively has to change hands - and I think Sony and the other record companies involved somehow think they'll make more dough wringing the last dime out of us die-hard foreign fans rather than open up their marketing strategy to the vastly wider world audience, and thus providing all of us with more competitive and accessible prices - but hey I have half a brain!! I know they are screwing me over, and I still go for it!