Topic: Fumi and Her Friend Snack-Ellie Get Liquored Up - on YouTube

Please visit my Japanese School Girl Youtube Channel at: (when you get there, click on the "Videos" tab and you'll find it right away (for some reason YouTube hasn't generated a URL for it - but it's on the channel)

I am very happy to have finally been able to upload this video to YouTube!!

Because of all her fine work promoting Polysics, and her admiration of Fumi, I would like Carrie to know the effort to get this video up on YouTube is in her honor. And Carrie (and everyone else) - I hope you enjoy watching it!

On October 18, 2010 Fumi dropped by to sample a large variety of liquor that Snack-Ellie was more than happy to serve up.

Unfortunately I was 20 minutes late on getting the recording going. So the first part of this almost two hour "happy hour" is missing. No worries though! I recommend drinking along with them! It'll kick the experience up a notch or two...

Also - since this recording was a "screen capture" taken live, it was not possible to remove the advertising banners that pop-up on a regular basis. The best I could do was click them away as quickly as possible. Sorry - but it is still totally watchable!

As the conversation took place, it was streaming on the Internet, so from time to time, the ladies interact with the audience.

You do not have to speak Japanese to appreciate the fine personalities and sense of humor these two cool people have! Enjoy! And oh yeah...Kanpai!!!! and TOISU!!!

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Re: Fumi and Her Friend Snack-Ellie Get Liquored Up - on YouTube

OK, so I now have the Youtube URL for this video: Featuring Subtitles in English!!! Well...sort of. Please read on.

First, sorry for the delay in figuring our the URL, but since I ride on the short bus, it takes me awhile to figure out the most obvious and simple things...

BUT!! Let's talk subtitles....

Maybe others have discovered this new BETA software that Youtube and Google are testing. The results are iffy at best, and totally hilarious at worst.

Anyway, if you go to the video and then click on the closed caption button ( CC ) on the lower right on the of the video window, a menu will pop up. Click on "Transcribe Audio - Beta" and it will either figure out the language being spoken, or ask you what it is. Then, using a voice recognition filter,  subtitles immediately and automatically start appearing on your screen - in this case in Japanese. Obviously the accuracy won't be 100%, and if you don't read Japanese, what's the point?

WORRY NOT!! They have another BETA program for that! AFTER you have activated the "transcribe audio" function, go BACK and click the CC button again, and this time select "Translate Captions - beta". A list of languages will appear. Choose the one you'd like, and the subtitles will now appear in your chosen language!

The idea is totally awesome, but in practice it is not there yet. Once in a while the voice-recognized-machine-translation will have actual context. But most of the time it is way off.

Try it any way if you haven't!


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Awesome, I will go back and watch it again. I will try to screen capture it with subtitles just in case it gets taken down for some weird reason.

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How thick is the layer of dead cells wrappin' around what's left of my brain?

Well...after scopin' this conversation for the umpteenth time, it just occured to me that Fumi must have showed up for an "in the business" type thing, but she is so laid back and relaxed...

This is indeed a rare piece of video where you can see our icons being people. OK, she's wearing the uniform, and she has the shades with her, but seriously, you can see she feels so totally comfortable with Snack-Ellie, so much so, that I think that neither of them forget there are cameras there, rather they just accept them, and thereby, we - the "audience" - get a very rare chance to spend time hanging out with these people who are so cool - but aren't any different then us, other than maybe we don't speak the same language or live nearby. But if we did, we'd be laughin' and drinking it up with 'em too! I'm sure of it.

Sorry, but I'm having a vicarious moment, and just wanted to share.


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Yeah, it is really cool to see her being herself. I don't drink but I definitely would with her if I had the chance. lol The only thing close to this video was the Absolute Limited DVD and few other short clips here and there.