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Topic: Yoko Ono

I'm a major John Lennon fan, so naturally I "know about" Yoko Ono.


I like her music.

So now... do I get beat up for that or something? I'm supposed to hate her music, because I'm a John Lennon fan apparently. So many people do.. so many people hate her style, and blame her for his death and the separation of the Beatles. I won't take sides or explain my opinion on that because well.. it's not necessary. Unless someone really wants to know how I feel. But I like Yoko. I think she experimented in a musical field that everyone was too afraid to venture in. Accepting someone's vocal stream from pure emotion to be music. I actually do think/feel that the way she sang for the most part was all intentional and she did not wish to truly sound "pleasing to the ears" like most would say she wasn't.. I find her vocals pleasing simply because I value emotion in expression and music. She doesn't really attempt to reinvent the wheel with her style, since she doesn't really actually use much tone control or depth of harmony or anything. she just sort of screams. It's....sort of nice to hear that as opposed to your run of the mill stuff. I think that's what she was getting at. That's just my opinion.. Only true expression-based people would agree with that, I guess. But to each their own. I just kind of like her stuff, and her stuff with Johnny is rad too.

Anyone agree? If you don't...well..ignore me I guess. sad

Re: Yoko Ono

When Pink Floyd split up I bought both their albums and those of Roger Waters. I didn't feel I was cheating on one side or the other. I even wore the Waters tour t-shirt to a Floyd gig and nobody beat me up, but perhaps they were just too stoned.

I can't say Yoko's style ever appealed to me like the Beatles and to some extent Lennon's solo work does, but then I've only recently (last 2 years) got into Deerhoof and Melt-Banana so perhaps if I revisited it I might have changed my mind smile

Wait... people actually blame Yoko for John's death? I know music fans, being people, can be incredibly tribal and ridiculously mean but that's fucked up.

Re: Yoko Ono

The Guardian newspaper has a pretty decent weekly music podcast, and at the end of last year there was one about John Lennon which revisited some of Yoko's music and IIRC concluded that if anyone else had made it the critics would have loved it.

You can still listen to it here.