Topic: Devo KROQ Weenie Roast set

Anybody else catch it online? It was a pretty short, good sounding set. They showed a lot of backing video from the new songs, and they had a different drummer (Josh has commitments to play with Weezer). Tracklisting:

1. Intro/Don't Shoot
2. Peakaboo
3. What We Do
4. Going Under
5. Fresh
6. That's Good
7. Girl U Want
8. Whip It
9. Gates of Steel
I got audio, so you know what to do.

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Re: Devo KROQ Weenie Roast set

I WAS THERE!!!!!!!!   Wooo!!

Great acoustics, they sounded perfect.
As the opening movie was ending, Gerry walked out slowly and held a salute to the crowd. I saluted him back. It was awesome!

I also caught a Deftones guitar pick and was handed an Against Me setlist, a successful day over all.