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Coelakanth Is Android
Buggie Technica
Life In Yellow
New Wave Jacket
Peach Pie On The Beach
Mr. Psycho Psycho
I My Me Mine
Wild One
What Do You Wanna Do
Kaja Kaja Goo
Urge On!!

My Sharona
Black Out Fall Out

The playlist also has Ah Yeah! and Boy's Head on it, but they're covered over with duct tape.  Maybe this is the setlist for a slightly longer show trimmed down?

This show was ASTOUNDING.  The 45 minutes of Polysics totally made up for the rubbish bands that we sat through in order to make sure we could make it up to the front for Polysics.

We really didn't have to worry that much, though -- it was comfortably full, but not jam-packed.  Which worked out really well, because then when the drunk students wanted to mosh, they managed to do it without crushing other people.

The band was ON FIRE.  Everything was loud and crazy and fantastic.  Everyone was spot on, nothing seemed broken (although I could be wrong, because I thought the last show at the Barfly was great too, but Hiro complained about the sound), and the crowd was just WILD for Polysics.

Brilliant.  Absolutely goddamned brilliant.

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Bah, I was going to post that! Now I've got nothing.

Except there was this purple-haired girl in front of me whose head kept getting in my photos ;o)

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Just registered on this board, glad to see a Polysics forum back up since the demise of sad

I too was at the Barfly on Sunday and I waited patiently through the shitty bands (me and friend even getting into a scrap with the pretentious twit singer from The Scare when he lent over the barrier right over us). I was right at the front in the centre experiencing the greatness that is Polysics in all their glory!

Anyway, I totally agree with you, they were on fire! They seemed to really enjoy themselves too which was nice, and Hiro was kind enough to pose for a picture at the end too. I would say it was a better show than the last time I saw them even though I had to fight people off to keep my spot on the barrier. Damn kids!