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oh my goodness, I still can't completely believe I was bored enough to make this. but I downloaded these awesome candy brushes and had to do something... ha ha, I get bored and come up with the most random ideas... XDD

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Haha! Hiro in a new form of technicolour, huh? Very pretty, Emma!

Doesn't make me any more gay to say that I'd eat the candy all around him, does it? LOL..

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hee hee. thanks :3

I also plan on doing Kayo... as soon as I find a pic I wanna use. XD

but it'll be more awesome, this is the first one, so it's not the best. I may do a better one someday.


I guess he doesn't like gummy bears... he looks like he's yelling at that one as well as stabbing it. XDD though I didn't think about the stabbing until someone else said something... ha ha.

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Aw, come on Hiro, he just wants you to eat him. Not yell at him and stab him. tongue

Kayo is adorable, I have like 600 pictures of her, I'm obsessed, hahaha! I bet it'll be even cuter with the way you're doing these. Man, I might explode into paper-cut hearts or something.

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LOL. why I can picture him screaming "STUPID -censored- GUMMY BEARS!!!" I will never know...

ha ha. wow.

oh, my. XD;;

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By the way Emma, I added you to MSN.. I hope you don't mind. I figured if I needed to talk to someone about how much I love something Japanese, you'd be the person. Hows that for a note? tongue

But hey, cheers to making good friends and having good times, right? Your Deviant-Art is amazing.

More on-topic .... POLYSICS. Oh, and you should definitely do the Kayo image of her eating the cracker thing. That's just too cute. With gummy bears, it would be like me ripping my head off with my bare hands because of how cute it is. That's awful! Ahahaha.