Topic: New Wiki.theppn For Japanese Music, J-ongaku

anyone else been suffering ever since wiki.theppn went down?

if you can provide *any* of the following, then YOU can help get the next j-music wiki started!:
- singles/albums track lists
- recent photos of artists/groups
- discographies (i.e. titles of singles/albums)
- release date information
- articles on the history of any artists/groups
- bios or profiles of artists/groups
- sales information (i expect this information will be the hardest to find) xD

the format is gonna be much the same as it was on wiki.theppn, only more consistent!

if you plan to start your own article, you can also use those pages as a basis (click on "edit" and then copy the text, paste it into your own article, and edit as needed :3)! or if you'd prefer, i've made a general copy & paste template:

if people find that page helpful, i'll make more of them for the different types of pages. ^^ oh, and to upload images, click on the link that says "Special Pages" on the sidebar, and look for a link that says "Upload Files" :3

even if you can't contribute yourself, you can help by telling your friends about it! while wiki.theppn is down, we need a refuge for all the new information about new releases, and this can be it.

or if you need some help
my contacts are ... (AIM: jooudesu / msn: