Topic: ULTRA FIGHT OR DIE!!!! @ Shibuya AX 06/12/08

I just got back from one of the 3 nights Polysics did at Shibuya AX. Tonight's was with Sparta Locals, who I'm not the biggest fan of! But still Polysics was amazingly good, and it was also my first time to hear lots of the WATM songs live! They also played a new song which sounded really good, and Disorder which I hadn't heard them play for years! The setlist was..

01 P!
02 機械を食べちゃいました(Kikai wo tabechaimashita)
04 Coelakanth is Android
05 Mr Psycho Psycho
06 Ah-Yeah!
07 New song!
08 Kagayake
09 人生の灰(Jinsei no hai)
10 Disorder
11 I My Me Mine
12 Moog is Love
13 Tei! Tei! Tei!
14 Pretty Good
15 Digital Coffee
16 Rocket
17 Pech Pie On The Beach
18 Baby Bias
19 Electric Surfin' Go Go
20 Boys & Girls
21 イロトカゲ(Irotokage) (Karaoke)

They had this thing were you could touch your mobile against this 'Toisu me, touch me' pad, allowing you to see some photos after the gig. The site is … /tour2008/ but it doesn't come out very well on a computer for some reason. The first two links are both photos, and the third is the setlist as above!

Re: ULTRA FIGHT OR DIE!!!! @ Shibuya AX 06/12/08


I would kill to see イロトカゲ live.

Re: ULTRA FIGHT OR DIE!!!! @ Shibuya AX 06/12/08 was kinda half live, as in Hiro and the lead singer from Sparta Locals did it for karaoke!

I now next get to see Polysics on New Years Eve at Countdown 08/09 in Tokyo, and possibly the best thing about it is going to be Hiro's DJ set to see in the new year!

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Awesome. smile I'm a huge Sparta Locals fan, would have loved to have seen them and Polysics.

Disorder? Never heard it..!
New song?! Want to hear it! big_smile