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Sorry that I'm so late in getting this out!

I was at the Chicago show on November 9th. It was awesome! (Would you expect anything less?) I didn't really manage to get any great photos, but I posted a few. I also wrote the entire thing up. It's super long, so if you've got a minute or two, you can check it out here. Oh, and you might have seen it linked to on the No More Tears No Crying blog. Super cool!!!!

I live in northern Minnesota, so it was a 1000 mile round trip for me. Worth every mile! Woo!

...still misses kayo...

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Re: Chicago 11/09/08

I saw this posted on the No More Tears blog so read it there first. International fame! big_smile
It's a very cool write up, nice one dude!

Probably the last of the reviews from the US* tour so a good way to end smile

*and Canada lol