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I have to say that I'm pretty disappointed that no one has been posting reviews or pictures from the current Polysics tour. Regardless, here is my short account of the show in Houston, TX.

This was my first Polysics show and I was quite excited. I got to the venue shortly after 8 pm. Upon entering the venue I see Hiro, Fumi and Yano working the merchtable. I decided to get in line and pick up the myspace records version of We Ate The Machine and their button pack since I already had the other cds they had for sale including other stuff I had picked up this year. I had some gifts for the band and they were all ecstatic to receive them. Hiro, Fumi and Yano happily signed everything I brought with me including the CD I bought at the table and the free poster that came with it (they will also sell the poster for $1). I hung around for a bit watching other fans buy merch and meet the band. Then I notice Kayo walk into the venue. She happily signed my Polysics merch and was truly kind. I was worried about not getting to meet her since it seems like she hides out sometimes. Once the line for Polysics merch died down I asked for a photo with the band. Luckily Hiro, Fumi, Yano and Kayo were all at the merch table at once so I got a picture with everyone at once.

While all this was happening Black Gold, one of the openers on the tour, were playing their set. I had listened to their tracks on myspace (which are quite decent by the way) and while they weren't as good live they were still a good opener. I definitely was not impressed with Jaguar Love's tracks on myspace but I was still willing to give them a chance live. Sadly, they were even more disappointing live. The singers loud babbling before the bands set brought about quite a few covered ears and wincing faces.

The wait for Polysics to finish their set up for their show was a bit lengthy (most likely due to my impatience) but not a bad wait since Hiro's music mix was filled with bands I personally enjoy including Die Krupps, Ministry, and Devo (of course). It was also a treat to see that Hiro was a fan of two other bands I enjoy, Foetus and PIL, by wearing their shirts at the venue.

I wont break down the setlist because everyone should just go see the show but everyone was in top form. Hiro was his usual energetic self and had no trouble getting everyone in the audience pumped and moving. Fumi was amazing on bass (nuff said). Kayo did her thing on programming going from her usual still and robotic perfermance to a few energetic bouts of movement including her pompom jump during Peach Pie on the Beach and even flailing her hair around. What can I say about Yano? He pounded his drums and did his thing all while not wearing his censor bar shades (most likely due to the dark club).

The show was a blast and the audience loved every minute of it as did I. I cant wait to see Polysics again.

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sounds like you had a great time. I'm going to see them tomorrow (technically today) it will be my first as well. smile So excited.

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Nice report - thanks!

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This is what we want, just a nice simple review.

Come on you Americans!! Maybe they're all too busy deciding who to vote for....

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Ugh, Jaguar Love's screeching hurt my ears the most.  I'm bringing ear plugs to all future shows.