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From Facebook, Polsyics will be playing these festivals:

28th August - Vera (Groningen, Netherlands)
30th August - Festival deBeschaving (Utrecht, Netherlands)

27th September - Marsatac Festival (Marseille, France)

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Mmmm... Marseille..

Oh and here's everything in one place:


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I just wanted somewhere to copy out the current European gig list correctly. There are so many dates available still!

(I can't see how those two Netherlands dates from the first post will be possible now because they have a gig in Nagoya on the 29th.)

6th September - Beat It Festival - Porto, Portugal

11th September - Musicdrome - Milan, Italy
12th September - Piper - Rome, Italy
13th September - Unwound - Padova, Italy

17th September - VK - Brussels, Belgium

21st September - Le Grand Mix - Lille, France
22nd September -  La Maroquinerie - Paris, France
25th September -  L'Antipode - Rennes, France
27th September - Marsatac Festival - Marseille, France

28th September - This Ain't No Picnic - London, England

@Dark Fury - It would make sense for them to do at least one Spain gig between Portugal and Italy wouldn't it?!
Although it doesn't make sense that they're going from the south of France to a gig in London the next day.

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They've not played in Spain for about 4 years... this is what Yano himself told me. big_smile

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But they'll be passing through Spain so you can kidnap them and make them play a gig for you!

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they just 'confirmed' tour on their site. few extra france dates. nothing more for uk yet :'(

    Polysics is comming to Europe in September!!!!
Schedule is below. We'll inform you as soon as additional show and details are fixed.
We hope to see you at our show!!!!

?06-Sep-08 Portugal/Porto Beat It Festival
?Thu 11-Sep-08 Itally/Milan Music Drome
?Fri 12-Sep-08 Italy/Rome Circolo degli Artisti
?Sat 13-Sep-08 Italy/Padova Unwound
?Wed 17-Sep-08 Belgium/Brussels VK
?Sat 20-Sep-08 France/Le Havre L'orange Bleue Vitry Le Francois
?Sun 21-Sep-08 France/Grand Mix Tourcoing
?Mon 22-Sep-08 France/Paris Maroquinerie
?Wed 24-Sep-08 France/Le Havre Caberet Electrique
?Thu 25-Sep-08 France/Rennes Antipode
?Fri 26-Sep-08 France/Bordeaux Son'Art
?Sat 27-Sep-08 France/Marseille Marsatac Festival
?Sun 28-Sep-08 UK/London Kings College This Ain


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You beat me to it! big_smile but what's the deal with no more UK dates being announced?! I need to book days off work dammit!!
Nobody told the people at one of the venues in Netherlands that they're not playing yet, I was speaking to the guy and he's not been told of a cancellation. I guess I'll have to break it to him...

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