Topic: Akaska Blitz, Tokyo 14/4

They Were AWESOME, Never Before Have I Been To A Polysics Show With So Much Energy.

They Played Only A Couple Of Pre Now Is The Time Stuff, And Of Those They Did, It Was Random Stuff Mostly Like Sony-San.

On Top Of That The Majority Of The Stuff They Played On The New Album Sounded Great, Hiro Even Using A Vocoder On One Of The Tracks

And They Played 2 Encores. Me = So Happy!!!!

Re: Akaska Blitz, Tokyo 14/4

Lucky lucky git big_smile

The 2 encores seems to be normal in Japan, for this tour at least anyway.

I'm hoping you got better pictures than this from the gig but this will tide me over tongue

Re: Akaska Blitz, Tokyo 14/4

Well I Have A Couple From Outside And Only One, Rather Blurry One Of The Roadies (Yes, They Had Quite A Large Stage Team!) Setting Up, Before I Was Promptly Stopped From Taking Photos By Security..... sad