Topic: Basic Rules

Play nice, play fair, and don't cause trouble.

Re: Basic Rules

* No spamming. Spamming is defined as repeated posting of one word replies to get your post count up, or posting to the same thread without someone else posting in between. Use the Edit feature instead. An exception will be made for image/creative threads

* No MP3s - do not post download links here. This includes torrents

* No flaming

* Keep sig images 70 high x 400 wide or smaller, and less than 200KB

* Respect the band and other board members

* Quote sparingly and only when necessary

* Empty posts will be deleted; this includes those consisting only of quotes of other posts and nothing else

* If you register, you MUST post at least once to prove you are not a bot or your account will be deleted.

* Polysics or DIE!!!!!!!