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I was talking to this Japanese girl on myspace, shes a huge fan of Botnik i might add, thats how i came across her page, and she was saying that they may come back to the UK in March, im not sure where she got this info but that would be sweeet!

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Is that Eriko? big_smile

March would be about right. I can see them doing more and more dates in the west as time goes on. Especially with this whole Myspace thing.

In an ideal world I would see them in the UK and then the week after see them in Japan just so they'd remember me big_smile Maybe that's a bit hopeful.

Here's a question. How much would it cost to get POLYSICS to play a gig? I've always wondered that.

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Theyre Playing Here Less And Less sad It Was Only A Couple Of Years Ago They Visited About 3 Or 4 Times In The Space Of A Year.

Anyway If March Is True, Hopefully Theyll Play Japan Soon After As I Leave For Japan For 3 Months On March 31st!!

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yeah that would be great, and yes it is Eriko big_smile

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Eriko told me about this too,
It had better be true! ><
We REALLY Need another tour here in the UK
a full tour
Mega tour
Soon or DIIIIEEEEEE!!!!!!!