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This has been a pretty amazing board since we started over a year and a half ago, and we'd like to make sure it keeps on being amazing and keeps running.

One of the things we've been concerned about is the uploading/ripping of Polysics MP3s.  There haven't been that many, but we'd really like to make sure that there's nothing on here that could cause any problems.

So we're setting down a ban.  No links to MP3s on the site.  That includes anything uploaded by board members, anything uploaded by other people on other sites, rips from PVs, live recordings, rare tracks, etc.  If it's a music track, and it's linked on the web, and it's not released by Polysics themselves, it doesn't belong on the board.

Linking to videos and posting photos are both fine -- and we'd love to see them.  We're just paranoid about being a publicly viewable website with MP3s available.

If you'd like people to privately email you about tracks you have, just make sure your email address is correct.  People can contact you via a form on the board, and you don't have to worry about your email address being revealed to everyone.

And if you have any questions, we're available at

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even if its from out of print or unavalible meterial? I really dont think that would be a problem.

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I agree, but I do understand if the host wants to have it this way.

Personally, I think this forum is the only good source of Polysics information and discussion and I want it to stay. If that means sacrificing rubbish quality youtube-audio rips then so be it.

As for the seperate issue of whether or not it's right or wrong to to download copyrighted Polysics material without paying, I'd argue that it's Polysics' problem, they've got to do a better job of distributing their music. There's simply no proper means of getting hold of certain Polysics tracks. And live audio rips will only ever appeal to the hardcore, the ones that probably invest most in the band.

As a solution I'd say that if you've ripped something and you want to share it, then just upload it to Jpopsuki, that way it would be accessible to more people.

Re: ADMIN: Posting MP3s and other rips

Guys, it's not that we're against downloading music, it's just that we don't want the links on the board.

If you say "I've got this ultra-rare track - email me for the link", that's perfectly fine.  If you say "It's up on this site, search for my name", that's fine as well.

But direct links to MP3s, we just can't do.

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The may issue i believe is the obvious one of copyright. A few ones ago Polysics management or PR or whoever were set against an unofficial Myspace page and were in fact refusing to add anyone as a friend to their official MySpace if they had a Polysics song linked to their profile. The bands management have been even more fussy about things before that by not letting fans post photos they've taken on the official forum (though that could be for other reasons as you yourself own the copyright to any photos you've taken).

The trouble is if the management see or know of this website and see their music on here then they may not take to kindly to it. Even if the tracks aren't available outside Japan the links would still be a problem because the links can still be accessed where the songs are available to buy. But yes i agree that if they want to see decrease illegal downloading then their need to make more material more available, such as releasing the full albums instead of another compilation.

I'm not against downloading either, I've downloaded a lot of music in the past illegally and a lot of the time it has pushed me to buy the actual artists CDs and has introduced me in to a lot of great music like with Polysics for example. A lot of the time i try to buy the music when i can mainly because i prefer the physical release.