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POLYSICS is writing new songs right now.
Writing this column inbetween the my free time and that

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Very cool big_smile

I hadn't checked the site recently, cheers for posting that.

Nobody replied to this in the other thread so I'll post it here because it kind of fits. I got a friend to translate Hiro's blog entry about the Spitz gig.

"At today's live show, the stage was low, and the barricade was not set up between the audiences and us,
so they(audiences) came up on the stage, and the monitor moved up to the halfway across the stage,
and it was really hard!!!

It was so enthusiastic, fierce, and a real punky live performance.

London was burning as expected!


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arr i would have loved to be on the stage when polysics were playing!

I have a WEAKPOINT, speak ill of a person

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Well when he says "they came up on stage" it was more like being crushed at the front and having to lean right over the monitor to regain balance big_smile It certainly wasn't as nice as Hiro made it sound, haha.