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Well i have every Polysics song, and ive done everything i can think of that is Polysics-related
So now im going to make Polysics setlist playlists for my ipod!

ive got the Concorde 2 13/06/07 setlist down already and i was wondering if anyone could help me out with any other ones? date, place and setlist would be appreciated wink


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Ooh, that's an idea. I know Kate has at least one set list knocking around the place but she's at Yahoo! Hackday this weekend.

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Liverpool Barfly May 2005: … s/set1.jpg

Alternative setlist used on the tour: … istalt.JPG

Re: Polysics setlists? … e004-1.jpg

someone'll have to help you out with the japanese writing. i can really remember. if i could be bothered though i could watch all the videos that were uploaded to youtube from the gig and work it out from that.

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I remember after the gig at the ICA in July 2004, they posted the setlist on the message board:

July 19th 2004, London ICA

01. National Pioneer
02. Kaja Kaja Goo
03. Hot Stuff
04. Plus Chicker
05. Peach Pie On The Beach
06. Which!
07. Disorder
08. Lookin' Lookin' Gaa
09. My Sharona
10. Making SEnse
11. XCT
12. New Wave Jacket
13. What You Wanna Do
14. 3030 MAAAAN
15. Urge On!!
16. Black Out Fall Out
17. Buggie Technica

18. For Young Electric Pop

I have it as a playlist on my ipod (and using 'Devo Corporate Anthem' instead of 'National Pioneer' as they were practically the same) and it's definitly the best Polysics gig I've ever seen, infact the best gig I've ever seen. Ah...I wish they'd play songs like 'Disorder' and 'Which' still...

I have a setlist from the Oxford Zodiac last year too:

01. Buggie Technica
02. XCT
03. New Wave Jacket
04. Peach Pie On The Beach
05. Coelakanth Is Android
06. Baby Bias
07. I My Me Mine
08. Ah-Yeah
09. Mr. Psycho Psycho
10. My Sharona
11. Each Life Each End
12. What You Wanna Do
13. Kaja Kaja Goo
14. Urge On!!
15. Life In Yellow

Encore: I think it was 'For Young Electric Pop' and 'Black Out Fall Out' although they didn't write it on the setlist...

That was a bit more of a standard Polysics setlist but Hiro got on my shoulders, so that's up there with the best ones!

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wow thanx for all the help... also get back to 8-bit encore.. mmmm id love that

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