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No news on this album yet other than it's gonna be released March 2nd of this year!

Album cover also isn't available but on their website they show all three members flying in space on their synth keyboards. If that turns out to be their album cover, I'll still be quite satisfied with it.

I'm looking forward to what they have this time around. Like I said before: Hen Ai Let's Go 2 (the ultra monsters LP) was very satisfying, I'm still listening to it back to back. Action was also really good so I have high hopes that the direction they've been going will continue.

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SUN ELECTRIC MV on Jpop Suki (The Youtube listing is region locked to Japan) Enjoy!


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It's been almost 6 years since I've been here but I had to come back just to say that this album is incredible! It's been a log time since I've felt I could say that about a Polysics album. Feels good.

...still misses kayo...

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I haven't heard the album yet, but managed to get hold of the Blu-ray set. The gig on the Blu-ray is pretty great and seemingly un-edited (lots of talking and in-between bits) and feels much more like a genuine Polysics show than the other DVD's. They play a good mix of tracks too, lots of older album-only stuff (Zubaman, Go Ahead Now and Shizuka is a Machine Doctor). Get it.

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Ok, it gets better. The show just finished and the words Day 2 appeared on screen. It seems there are two shows on the disc with the second having a completely different setlist.

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I got the album off of itunes and I feared that with a tracklist of about 19 that there were gonna be a lot of dead areas....but no...I was wrong....

This album is very impressive!!

Sun Electric is a great track to kick off this album.
Alps Run Run is quite funny and interesting at the same time. I really liked Dig Down!, Be a Human (which had a very alternative rock sound to it), Hurry Up (which actually has so much personality and rhythm to it, it reminds me of Code4 very much), Tempo Tempo Tempo is probably my favorite from this album because it's their most entertaining with how they change the tempo of the song.

This is really good stuff and I definitely recommend this album overall.