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Oh No It's Pok, Super Cute Voices, and pretty much any other Poly-influenced band out there (that isn't just a Polysics clone that plays all of Polysics' music like those that are appearing all over Japan) seemed to have gone on either an indefinite hiatus or split all together.

It's really unfortunate because it would have been so great to see many of these bands live. This movement sort of took place mostly during the late 2000's and I guess when 20009-10 hit (right around Polysics went on hiatus as well), that's when most of these bands began to throw in the towel.

Super Cute Voices' website no longer exists so I don't really know how to get in contact with them.
Oh No It's Pok sort of stopped updating their stuff, which is really unfortunate because they did have a couple TV appearances under their belt
Even bands that didn't directly take inspiration from Polysics but had a lot of similarities to them are no longer together:
Mutate Now! (more of a devo influenced band) hasn't really updated anything in a while and I think if they are STILL together, they're only a two piece band now
We are the Physics (were mentioned once by Polysics, which is how I heard of them) though recently put out a new song, are also calling it quits later this year.

I'm sure they all had their own reasons for stopping, but anyone know what happened to them? What are they doing now?
And if those people that are part of those bands still message here, if you would like to give some light on it too, that would be awesome.

Re: The Polysics inspired music scene

Not sure why We Are The Physics split, especially as they'd not long released their second album (the rather splendid "Your Friend, the Atom"). They still post from time to time on their Facebook page and recently reformed to play one final gig at Unorthodox Paradox, a festival staged - annoyingly - in the middle of nowhere (or Cumbria, same thing). That's happening on 23rd May but I believe tickets have already sold out.

Shame about SCV too, I loved the retro 5.25" floppy packaging their EPs came in. I guess it's hard to make a living in these days of austerity and everyone wanting everything for free, and if you're not playing covers or landfill-(insert popular genre here) it can be a pretty marginal existence.

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Mutate Now are now a three person project. The sequel to 'Punk Science' is being recorded. It will probably be titled 'Are you next?'. Some examples of the new synthesized direction have appeared on soundcloud and facebook. The singer / song writer spends most of his time working with dogs these days claiming they are the 'better humans'. The band have performed live twice in 2015. The future looks bright.