Topic: Buffalo Daughter

Well, it had to happen eventually - Polysics are now only my second favourite Japanese band.

I saw Buffalo Daughter three times last weekend, twice at the Great Escape in Brighton Saturday and once in London the next day. I've been a fan for around ten years and they hadn't played the UK in all that time so my expectations were quite high but they just blew me away. Definitely my three best gigs of the year, possibly ever.

Guitar, bass/keys, drums and turntables/loops, girly vocals and the odd shout from the DJ, they had the lot. Call it electro-rock, post-rock, Krautrock, prog rock or just plain rock. It was trippy, dippy, hippy and hoppy and I fell in love with their distinctive sound all over again.

They have a new single on iTunes right now and a new album in the works so they said they'd try to visit the UK again soon - I really hope it's not going to be another 10-15 years.