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Hello, I thought I might as well share some of the stuff I'm making. Polysics is a big inspiration for my music so I thought you guys might like to check out what I've got.

I go by the alias name 1MB and I like to make rock oriented music with some synthesizers layered on top, I don't sing so there is no lyrics included. I've been working on these songs for quite some time using garageband. If you'd like, please send me some critiques, share these songs if you like them. I'd greatly appreciate it.

A Town in Trouble -

The Monster Said Hi -

Psycho Center -

Check out my youtube page for more songs, I'm currently working on an album that many of these songs will be included.

Re: My band name is 1MB

Interesting stuff.  Very cool rythyms and beats.

The music definitely can stand on its own. Nonetheless, you might consider exploring for a lyricist and vocalist just to see what happens. You can always delete / mute the tracks if you're not digging the results. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

By the way, your Deviant Art link on your Youtube "About" profile page is dead in the water. You might want to update that or delete it. Otherwise some visitors might think your Youtube channel is a fake, or worse, belongs to somebody who doesn't care about the impression they make.

Good luck with your work! You should definitely keep this forum up to date on the progress and eventual completion of your album.

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haha yeah, I actually just recently killed my deviantart page, so I'll be sure to fix that.

Thanks for listening, I appreciate the feedback, this album I'm planning to do is a concept album so there will be no lyrics in any of the songs, instead the songs alone will speak for themselves. (that's what I'm going for, I'm not sure if I'll be able to achieve that.)

But if I continue to do work afterwards, maybe I can find a singer (and some other bandmates, right now just me doing all of this), simply because I can't sing haha

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I got a new song I made called Blazin' Fire, hope you guys take a look at it, still no lyrics but the ending part has a lot of the Polysics flavor I've come to love.