Topic: [mtv81] POLYSICS are Switched On and in Overdrive

POLYSICS are Switched On and in Overdrive
By: Patrick St. Michel
August 25, 2013

MTV 81 caught up with the trio of Hiroyuki Hayashi, Fumi and Masashi Yano after they graced the colossal Grass Stage to talk about playing Rock In Japan, their forthcoming mini-album and their European tour.

Let’s talk about your new mini-album “MEGA OVER DRIVE,” out on Oct. 9. What was the recording process for this collection like?

Hayashi: For the last album, there was more of a band sound. This time around we are just doing things that we think sound cool. There is no guitar on “MEGA OVER DRIVE,” and we use more machine voices. It’s a bit more free for us.

Why the focus on machine-like sounds?

Hayashi: Part of it is that it makes us feel nostalgic, it reminds us of older times. The machine voice is also sort of an easier way of singing. But at the same time, I just love the sound of the affected voice, of the vocoder. Since starting POLYSICS, we’ve always wanted to use that a lot.

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They're talking about Rock in Japan 2013, their new EP "MEGA OVER DRIVE" and the European tour.