Topic: Brighton?

Might be going mad here, but I swear I saw that Polysics were playing at the Brighton-Japan Festival on 19/09/2013. Now I can't find any evidence of such a thing, but I can see they are advertised to play in France on that date -

Any ideas whats going on here? maybe somebody can at least confirm they saw the same thing so I can have some reassurance i'm not going mad. I was getting rather excited about making the Trip to Brighton and work commitments preclude me from going to the London show later on in the month.

Re: Brighton?

Don't know about it either. But there is now a official statement from their website which locations they're visiting on the Europe Tour 2013.


Re: Brighton?

I definitely saw it, but couldn't see any line ups announced on the Brighton Japan Fest site.

I don't remember the date though, could they possibly play on a different day?

Re: Brighton?

I saw the Brighton Gig listing too - but it appears they have cancelled that date.

The Brighton gig appeared on a French blog, but never on the Brighton Festival site - always a "schedule coming soon" was shown on the Brighton website. So...for whatever reason they bailed on the Brighton gig and subbed the new French show.

Since it really isn't a European tour - more like a tour of France, I'm guessing it is some kind of  layed-back "working vacation". Or/And they have stats and demographics showing that they'll crack the European nut if they are able to forge a foundation in France - maybe next year they'll broaden the tour - if there is a next year.

It seems to me that Polysics has a much higher "name brand recognition" in the USA, and thus would certainly fare well if they were to make a USA tour. Maybe that is planned. Seems to make sense, but who knows...

The median age of the band is reaching the point where traveling only looks attractive when the cushions are extra comfy...meaning that maybe the idea of touring around in a beat-up Winnebago is not as appealing as it was at a younger age...