Topic: POLYSICS in Hagenau, France [2013.09.14]

Just found a ANOTHER European tour date on September 14 at the Millenium in Hagenau, France!!

Here is a link:

When are they going to officially announce - let us know the full sched!!!???

Polysics 2013 09 14 Hagenau France

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Re: POLYSICS in Hagenau, France [2013.09.14]

So we discover one gig after another. I wonder what comes next. ^^

Re: POLYSICS in Hagenau, France [2013.09.14]

Another Europe date for September, France again but this time it's a festival.

I need to know if/when their UK dates are, gotta book mid-September flights to London for another reason so things could work out great.

Re: POLYSICS in Hagenau, France [2013.09.14]

I made a map of the EU 2013 tour that are known so far. I will try to update it as soon as new info becomes available.

Here it is: … x_VJOoF2No