Topic: Check Out Kayo's New Etsy Shop Featuring Her Handmade Goods!

Wow! Check out the selection - all HANDMADE by Kayo!!

No wonder she is suffering from Carpal-Tunnel Syndrome!

Kayo herself believes her joint pain is from years of playing the keyboards, but when you consider she's been busy knitting and sewing all this stuff herself - I think she's in denial! Which is cool - I'm in denial too! Probably everybody is! But I digress...

Seriously, scope it out, buy some cool stuff! I bought a few things from her when she was selling directly through her blog, and I have to say the design and quality is awesome!  The prices might seem a bit stiff at first, but please take into consideration how much time it takes to make one of these things, subtract let's say 20% from the price for materials, and then divide the remainder by the number of hours and you more or less have Kayo's wage - trust me, she's practically giving this stuff away!!

Plus how cool is it to get a personal package in the mail from Kayo??!!

Scope it:


Re: Check Out Kayo's New Etsy Shop Featuring Her Handmade Goods!

Yeah, I bought a pencil case a couple days ago and can't wait for it to come!!! If I had more money, I would buy all the stuff. lol I'm a dude so most of it isn't my style but I wanna support anyways. It was cool getting the "Pray for Japan" pin back in the day with the little hand signed paper that said Kayowl on it and the Owl Stamp on the envelope. Not sure if everyone got that but I did tell her I was a big fan when I ordered it. Hope to see more products and money to spend in the future. haha