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Topic: List of gear used by Polysics.

Hey pals!

I don't know if a topic about this was done before, but watching the videos and live-concerts at Internet made me ask myself how many instruments they own.

So far, we know many of the synths:

- the venerable Korg Polysix and microKORG
- Roland Juno Di and GAIA (EDIT: thanks to Mistabeen, SH-201 is added)
- Clavia Nord Lead -edit- 2X
- and an unidentified Novation (I'd thank you so much if you identify it)

Guitars and basses tend to be Gibson brands and a Yamaha SBV 550 respectively (again, thanks to Mistabeen) with Marshall amplifiers and Moogerfooger pedals.
And the drum set is made by Pearl.

See ya, guys! ;D

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Re: List of gear used by Polysics.

Hello, and welcome to the board!

Fumi uses what I believe are Yamaha SBV 350 (CORRECTION - 550, thanks Mistabeen!) basses or has done every time I've seen Polysics in the UK.

Nottingham, September 2004:

Fumi with turquoise bass

London, September 2008:

Fumi with red bass

Fumi headstock with bonus Yano

Re: List of gear used by Polysics.

It's SBV 550 not 350

I do know they had a video on one of their LE singles that they talked about the gear they used at the time. I believe it was eeeP, but not sure
It was pretty indepth.

These days Hiro also uses a Roland SH-201 on stage, the Gaia he uses to fool around with because those are newer and easier to replace than the SH-201 in case he would damage it.

A few years ago Hiro was also a guest on Rock Fujiyama, a Japanese music show hosted by Marty Friedman (Megadeth)
It's fun to watch, and near the 19min mark Hiro shows of a few of his guitars (Yamaha SX-800B, gretsch 6106 princess, Big Boss 1 (a modified fender telecaster) and his La Baye 2x4)

you can view it here http://www.myspace.com/video/toru-k/roc … 5/55374550

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Re: List of gear used by Polysics.

Whoops shouldn't post late at night. 550 it is! Well spotted.

Re: List of gear used by Polysics.

Worry not, pal. Everyone commits mistakes.

Also found that the drum kit is Pearl branded as seen in:
(sorry pals, if you know how to embed video in posts; tell me please)

Ah, true that the SH-201 was used too. No idea how this escaped from me. Oops.

Re: List of gear used by Polysics.

I also know Hiro uses a few Moogerfooger effect pedals but don't ask me what models. I should probably dive into that video one of these days to get more details tongue

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Re: List of gear used by Polysics.

Awright! Edited, and found a message from our pal Hayashi (sadly, in Japanese with no subtitles):