Topic: Kayo on Keyboards!

The new Scott & Rivers Album is due out soon (official date March 20, 2013). 

Rivers Coumo is from the band Weezer and Scott Murphy from Allister, and are the front men.

Kayo plays keyboards on the album - but apparently has yet to appear live with them (at least she did not appear at their official debut live performance at CountDown Japan 12/13 - or at other performances at Tokyo clubs around year's end - but did appear in an ad hoc public performance in a Los Angeles Park in December, 2012 described as a "rehearsal" for the debut show. )

Anyway, here is the official MV for "Homely Girl" - the single from the album they're pushing:

In my opinion a catchy tune, but they sure didn't seem to mix for the keyboards, which I find hard to hear without full concentration and a good headset).


Re: Kayo on Keyboards!

this is awesome, the tune is catchy, can't really hear the piano but that's okay, its cool to see her coming back to music. smile
Hopefully they'll use her for other things like back up singing, she is a good singer.