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Topic: No Polysics at Countdown Japan 12/13?? Will Kayo perform at CDJ12/13?

Just scoping the line-up and timetable for this year's Count Down Japan 12/13 event and could not find Polysics in the mix, though they've been doing this show for years:


Careful perusers will notice that there is a "Polysics" item scheduled for the Astro Arena on the first day at 3:55PM (15:55), but closer examination will reveal that in fact it is Hayashi doin' his DJ thing - weird thing is that it is marked as "new" though in the past Hayashi has always done a DJ gig, often with Fumi, and Polysics - the band, has always appeared on the main "Earth Stage" in a prime time evening slot closer to New Years...mmm...

Might this mean that Polysics is winding down in popularity in the homeland? Has the band's audience, as they say in the classic rocumentary "Spinal Tap", become more "selective"?

Not liking this one bit!!!

...OK wait! Hold the press - this just in - Polysics HAS BEEN added to the line up, closing out the final night a "25:00" o'clock on the 31st (I'm guessing that really means 1AM on the 1st) and they will be on the Earth Stage! Shwewww! That was a close one...sorry for the false alarm! Scared the hell out of myself!

Meanwhile on the Moon Stage at 21:15 on the final evening, making their debut appearance: Scott & Rivers...who? Uh, Scott Murphy from Allister and Rivers Cuomo from Weezer.

Now the thing is Kayo has been putting in heavy Los Angeles studio time recording keyboard tracks for the Scott & Rivers debut album. The recording session that ended on or about the 25th of November ended with the band heading out to a nearby park  for an ad hoc unplugged free live concert which Kayo described as a rehearsal for the "end of the year live".  Kayo's blog entry documenting these events ended with "I can't wait for the end of the year live!"

OK, the Scott & Rivers appearance at CDJ12/13 is bannered as their "debut" performance. CDJ12/13 is the only "end of the year live" I can think of...(although it is bannered as their "debut", Scott & Rivers will also be doing a couple of other shows earlier that weekend in Tokyo) - what I'm saying is, I wonder if Kayo is going to be performing live with Scott & Rivers...

Until now, she has stated that she's only been doing some studio work, laying down some keyboard tracks for the debut album at the invitation of Scott Murphy and Rivers Cuomo. She did indeed appear live with them at The Roxy on the Sunset Strip not long ago, but that was a special event to raise money for an elementary school, or some such thing.

This could be a GREAT year to attend CDJ!! Sadly, I don't have the spendin' loot to make the gate - let alone the flight!! Anybody who is going, PLEASE plan to attend the Sunday Night debut of S&R on the Moon Stage, see if they have a familiar keyboardist with 'em - inquiring minds NEED to know!!! And of course, stay awake for the big P over on the Earth Stage closing down the festivities!

Wish I was goin'!

Later that same day...Couple 'o updates:

1: It appears that there will be lots of bands playing long after Polysics finishes their scheduled one hour set - some bands are starting as late as 28:00 o'clock (4AM?)

2: Kayo's exact blog text referring to the unplugged Scott & Rivers rehearsal / live free in the park show in Los Angeles on or about the 25th of November, and her reference to "looking forward" to the "end of the year live":



My Nihon language skills are dubious at best. Perhaps there are others here who might derive clearer meaning from these interesting blog entriess...


Re: No Polysics at Countdown Japan 12/13?? Will Kayo perform at CDJ12/13?

oh wow that is really awesome, I didn't even know Kayo was busy in a studio, let alone here in the States. That's really amazing. Well if they do perform, hopefully their own website will have highlights of their own and we can see, and hopefully making a shoutout to Kayo as well ^_^

That first part kind of scared me too, but at the same time it didn't quite make sense. Their music as a whole has always done very well in Japan, plus their shows only get bigger and bigger as they go along, so I would be surprised if now they are seen as winding down, especially after working on a new album! big_smile

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Re: No Polysics at Countdown Japan 12/13?? Will Kayo perform at CDJ12/13?

Lu456 - You're right !
I don' t think Polysics is winding down - it was my mistake, because when I first checked the CDJ12/13 line-up Polysics was totally not there - which would be a first, as they have played at every CDJ since its inception. And indeed, again this year they are playing the Earth Stage - the main event stage - it only showed up in the listings as I was writing my forum entry of concern...  I stand corrected, and I could not be happier about it!

Also, Polysics has always played the Earth Stage at CDJ...well, uh...actually they played on the smaller Galaxy Stage at CDJ03/04,  CDJ04/05, and CDJ05/06, and after that always on the Earth Stage and always on New Year's Eve, except for CDJ11/12 last  year when they were knocked back to the much smaller Galaxy Stage, and then only on December 30th - a definitive demotion. 

This year, until just a couple of days ago, Polysics wasn't in the line-up, but now they are and they are back on the big Earth Stage just after midnight as the closing act for the Earth Stage - a definitive promotion! (other bands are scheduled to play the other stages until 5AM).

Meanwhile, here is a link to a clip of Scott & Rivers at the Roxy on Sunset Strip in West Hollywood in June of this year (you'll see a familiar face on keyboards wearing a Bronx t-shirt promoting her husband's band):



Re: No Polysics at Countdown Japan 12/13?? Will Kayo perform at CDJ12/13?

yeah, and the demotion at CDJ11/12 kind of makes sense, I first thought it was because of their hiatus, but no, that's not the case, they were happily welcomed back to the Earth Stage when they released their EP as a trio, so I'm not entirely sure why they were demoted a year later, maybe because 15th p wouldn't come until feb. '12 while oh no its heavy polysick was released march '11 so there must have not been anything going on for them during December.

Thanks for sharing that link, its so awesome to see her performing again, who is her husband by the way???

Re: No Polysics at Countdown Japan 12/13?? Will Kayo perform at CDJ12/13?

@Lu456 and all other well wishers!

Kayo's husband's name is Ken Horne.

Here is a picture of the newlyweds at their ceremony in Japan:

Kayo and Ken Horne at their wedding in Japan

Ken Horne plays guitar in a band called The Bronx, a band that has at least two versions of itself... Here is a link to a live TV performance of The Bronx as Mariachi El Bronx (Ken Horne is in the back "screen left" / "stage right"):


And here is a link to a live performance of The Bronx as The Bronx (Ken Horne is standing  "screen right" / "stage left"):



Re: No Polysics at Countdown Japan 12/13?? Will Kayo perform at CDJ12/13?

oh wow, that is really awesome to see her married, but she looks rather old in this picture, not bashing her or anything, but you can really see she has aged.

Re: No Polysics at Countdown Japan 12/13?? Will Kayo perform at CDJ12/13?

She's hardly changed in ten years - we should all age that well! I think it's more the hair and make-up. Her husband reminds me of (Father Ted creator) Graham Linehan though.

Re: No Polysics at Countdown Japan 12/13?? Will Kayo perform at CDJ12/13?

Yeah, it's totally just her Makeup and hair. If you look at photos on her blog, like her recent Halloween pics, you see she hasn't changed much. Besides the fact she is now a fire-hydrant. haha

Re: No Polysics at Countdown Japan 12/13?? Will Kayo perform at CDJ12/13?

I uploaded their performance on Vimeo. Two songs were broadcasted including "Sparkling Water". :-)


01. Coelacanth Is Android
02. Sparkling Water

Re: No Polysics at Countdown Japan 12/13?? Will Kayo perform at CDJ12/13?

Sweet, thanks for the video!!! :DDD Sparkling Water is one of the new songs that have slowly started to grow on me.


I don't post here much anymore but I still have a fond appreciation for Polysics. Hit me up on Twitter @west_haven if you really wanna talk to me smile