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I was hoping to ressurect a general 'Neu album' thread but there doesn't seem to be one. I was wondering whether S.V.O. meant Subject-Verb-Object which refers to the English format of sentences (The Japanese format is S.O.V.) and represents Hiro's difficulties of learning the English language-- which he implies in the previous track: XCT.

So in making this thread a bit more efficient, has anyone got any interpretations (regardless of whether it's factual or speculative) of some enigmatic track titles (inb4 Wasabi references eating wasabi)? For instance I had a feeling Bero Bero was a Japanese onomatopoeia because they tend to be a phrase of a single word repeated twice and it turns out that bero means 'tongue' and bero bero means licking-- although another website said drunk: http://www.languagetrainers.com/blog/20 … matopoeia/

Edit: I proabbly subconsiously got the idea for this thread from here: http://autechre.wetpaint.com/ which is both amusing and fascinating.


well I never really looked to deep into track titles, it is Polysic after all tongue While i'm sure some of the songs are based on things they had in their mind at the time, in the end it's more about sound than meaning.

All I can think of right now is we can hope that colon is about :

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I will always wonder what Married to a Frenchman means. I don't have the lyrics to the song handy (I don't have ADRSM yet) so I really wanna know!!

TAX IN from the each life each end EP refers to something I've seen on a lot of Japanese online shops: they say something about TAX INCLUDED, so tax IN. for short.

And didn't, somewhere, the origin behind the catchphrase TOISU was explained? I swear I've seen it before, but I'd have to get on a proper computer and dig, not my iphone.


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