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Topic: Polysics "book" - New Book ? Old Book? Weird...

Just came across a book with the title:

Polysics Albums: Now Is the Time!, Polysics or Die!!!!, Karate House, We Ate the Machine

on Amazon Germany. I thought maybe it was a mistake, but it is listed as a book, the language is listed at "English", and it has two ISBN numbers:

# ISBN-10: 1158458096
# ISBN-13: 978-1158458097

I found this "book" by clicking on an Amazon Germany ad for it, but when you get to the page, it says the book is not available and they don't know when it will be. It also says that it has "18 pages"...here is a link to the Amazon Germany page:

http://www.amazon.de/Polysics-Albums-Ka … 1158458096

I decided to look up the publisher "Books LLC" - found a Wikipedia page about them:


which showed a link to the Books LLC website, where I searched for, and found a page for the book:


Their page says the book is 17 pages long.

My guess is that this is all a false alarm. It appears that the book is comprised of information collected from Wikipedia pages, and other sources on the Internet. I'm not even sure it has an "author" so to speak.

Anybody else around here come across this?

Re: Polysics "book" - New Book ? Old Book? Weird...

Unfortunately Amazon is full of these robo-published books on all sorts of different topics, some at ridiculously high prices. Avoid. Books LLC should DIAF.

Re: Polysics "book" - New Book ? Old Book? Weird...

Yes, AVOID! I got one of those books (out of curiosity more than anything) and they are horrific. They are just literally Wiki entries printed on paper, which is completely ridiculous.

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