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Topic: Missed Endorsement Opportunity??

Has anybody had their eye on the whole "heads up display", "augmented reality"  or "video glasses" technology development race going on?

Recently I saw an article about Google endeavoring to develop stylish info glasses. Meanwhile, there are at least three (Lumus, Vusix, and Epson) active developers who are working towards full HD video experiences where you view movies through the glasses as if you're in a movie theater or  watching an 87 inch TV.

Since November of 2011 Epson has been marketing "Moverio" glasses in Japan.

The thing is, when I look at some of the Moverio publicity photos, I can't help but wonder:

1) Did they approach Polysics for an endorsement and get turned down?


2) Did Epson decide to market these things with "semi" Poly-pics to avoid paying endorsement fees

Check out these images:

http://www.girlgeeklife.com/2012/02/pro … lla-epson/

-The hair and the product design in the image found on the web page above strongly suggests Kayo to me - but obviously not officially otherwise they'd be making the point stronger (in my opinion)



- Here hair color and facial shape with the product suggest Fumi to me.

I'm always the last to hear about stuff, so maybe these images and this subject have already been discussed ad nauseam somewhere.  And I don't have boots on the ground in Japan, so I can't report on any local commentary or possible editorial remarks acknowledging the similarity between Poly-band members (and x-members) and Epson marketing materials.

In case anybody wants to buy a pair, here is the Japanese product page at Epson:


WAIT!!! - You see what I mean?! I'm always late to the party!!

I guess they are already selling the Moverio experience in the USA (SRP $699):

http://www.epson.com/cgi-bin/Store/jsp/ … nal_search