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Has anyone done a polysics t'shirt? If you did could you post pics? I love the bands image and products but their t'shirts are boring. At least it isn't the other way around. Has anyone made their own t'shirts. For the next tour we are going to make a few.

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I bought this fan-made ENO shirt. Good design but it's stained now.



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I would love to make some tshirts, but I only have some old iron on sheets that you print off a design on it and put it on a shirt. And it works but after a while, the shirts look bad....... I would love some though!! And that Eno shirt is awesome, Dave, is it still available from that one site? I remember seeing the topic here on the forums about that shirt but that was some time ago, haha.

Oh! And I would loooooove a shirt that says "Polysics or die", just like their flag. That would be awesoooomee~

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TOISU!! I custom made a shirt but it ended up being too big... men's large... i put it up on ebay if anyone's interested! … CA:US:1123