Topic: Polysics at the Double Doors, Chicago, IL Feb 10 2010

No love for Chicago? Well I just finished my review after coming home from a rocking Polysics concert yesterday night. I stood up for as long as i could before i fell asleep writing this review, on minimum brain cells so i hope you like. Tried really hard! Couldn't take pictures or record the concert like i wanted too.... but i took some photos with my phone! Let me know what you think and if anyone was there that night, let me hear ya! Toisu!!!!!!!!!!! … go-IL-2010

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Re: Polysics at the Double Doors, Chicago, IL Feb 10 2010

"For Polysics brought the rock and it was Pretty Good"
I'm glad I'm not the only one who makes Pretty Good jokes, rofl.

Is it odd that I'm looking forward for New Wave Jacket just so I can, uh, smack dat ass? Call me creepy, but I just think that it's too funny that he even sticks his butt out there, so he's just asking for it XDDDDDDD Plus, amazing song is AMAZING.

"The first song was an introduction piece which I had no idea what its name was. It involved a lot of electronic sounding beats and Hiro on a whistle."
That's P!, off of Absolute Polysics. Oh, and you spelled coelacanth right, but the Polysong replaces the second C with a K.

... waaaiit they didn't play Pretty Good?!? ..... ; ^; well, maybe it is for the best because they sing it in English and that version is god-awful. But you think they played SVO? Maaaan, that's so cool!!!

"I saw Fumi give Hiro a high kick to the face (fake of course) but it was amazing the reach on that girl, would make a MMA fighter proud."
What song was that? I've seen pictures of that off of their Myspace and I thought it was so kickass, so awesome!!

"We learned how to say “Hello” in New Wave Japanese by saying Toisu! Great at weddings from what Hiro said."
I just died laughing. Hiro, you are such a dork XDDD (IwantaTOISUwedding!!!)

So that poster you got signed, was that the poster they were selling there? O: Hahaha, Hiro did the little line of drool on yours like he did mine. And they had those Heavy Polysick shirts there? Interesting! What other shirts? o 3o

Annnnnd I'll shut up now, hahaha. Great report, man, glad you had a lot of fun!!!!

I don't post here much anymore but I still have a fond appreciation for Polysics. Hit me up on Twitter @west_haven if you really wanna talk to me smile

Re: Polysics at the Double Doors, Chicago, IL Feb 10 2010

I must admit, Hiro got one boney ass but hey i do too so its all good! Ha!

Young OH! OH!
Digital Coffee
Beat Flash
Bero Bero
I My Me Mine
Hypnotize Go
Fire Bison
Coelakanth is Android
Shout Aloud!

P! is the song i forgot to add to my Ipod, no wonder i didn't know what song it was. That's the complete set list. That Ryan guy got the set list from Fumi at the end of the night and he emailed it to me today. I got confused with SVO and that Hypnotize Go song off of Absolute Polysics. They played Pretty Good back when they came in 2008 and it was in Japanese and it was really good so i wanted to hear it again...oh well! The kick to the face i think happen in Beat Flash, I'm almost certain of this but it was great. They did it in slow motion and everything. They sold those posters there for a dollar! And i got their autographs in increments because one band member would leave and another one would show up. They had those Heavy Polysicks!!!!! shirts and these pink shirts with the band as flight attendants when they were in FES 2009. They had them in small, medium, large, and X large and they were in American sizes too ahahah! I likes my fatty foods so i needed an X large, thank you Polysics for thinking about the chubbies like me! Ha! I posted 2 new pictures from my girlfriends camera phone, they came out all funky but they are cool nonetheless! Thanks for reading, glad you liked it!