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Hello folks! I haven't noticed any other mention of this in other posts, so I figure I'd throw one out.

Polysics added a show in St Louis for Tuesday, Feb 9th about a month ago. It looks like most of you that post regularly have already picked your venue, but in case someone didn't know and St Louis is the closest thing you can get to, there you go.

I'm from St Louis, so I'm super happy about it. It's funny though, when the show dates were first announced, I had to pick Chicago because there was no show in STL. Bought my tickets online and then found out a couple weeks later that they added the show here. Oh well, I'm gonna go to the local show and Chicago by myself and then hit up Detroit and Akron with a friend who lives in Ohio! It's gonna be 4 days of pure crazy I'm sure.

Anyway, I've been spying on the forums for about 9 months and never posted anything. I'll post pics and stories and whatnot from the shows, if I can. I really hope to get pictures with them at each show. Toisu!!!!

Show info for Stl... … nt_id=4257

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Toisu right back at ya!! It's always great to see new faces here!

I think I heard about that extra tour date, but since I'm in NC, it doesn't really mean much to me. If only they added a show here.... or VA, at least. DC is close but not close enough D:

I can't wait to see pictures!!!! So you're gonna go to four of their concerts?! That's so cool!!! Take many many many pictures and video!!

I don't post here much anymore but I still have a fond appreciation for Polysics. Hit me up on Twitter @west_haven if you really wanna talk to me smile

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What she said ^^