people at work started playing their stuff and it's so damn catchy!
it's like a 70's jpnese girl pop duo.
check out a song called Chameleon Army, i can't post a link now coz i'm at work but it's work your while.

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For some people, especially in the USA, Pink Lady is perhaps the only experience they've had with Japanese pop music...Pink Lady is cool, but ignorance of the broad spectrum of music being produced today in Japan has to change. I think people in this forum and others are aware of this. I feel change coming...meanwhile, here is a 2005 performance of Chameleon Army by Pink Lady:

BONUS: If you can handle it, here is a promo for Pink Lady's USA TV series, Pink Lady & Jeff...

AND, here they are being exploited by Hugh Hefner - pretty embarrassing in my opinion:

Richard Harris apparently wasn't available on this night of melodic mayhem:

In the following ditty you can really get a sense of modern Japanese idol bands...

Pink Lady, I think, has paved the road for modern Japanese Idol bands to explore new venues of success in Europe, South America, and the USA. I mean, for the most part, Pink Lady has been long forgotten in the USA - but not in Japan of course.

When it comes to catchy tunes, scope Berryz Koubou. If they stay together, they have already built a pretty strong song book to unleash as new material on the outside world (let us not forget that almost all of this is the work of master mind Tsunku):

What's all this catchy pop music have to do with Polysics? Well, whether it is your cup of tea or not, Berryz Koubou, like Ogre You Asshole, The, Shonen Knife, X-Japan, plus tons of others, and our beloved Polysics together represent a potential revolution in music outside of their native land. Sooner than later, I think that there are going to be many break throughs in Japanese pop and rock, and members of this forum, among others, can say we were here to see it happen.

I could be wrong of course, but my gut feelings are pretty strong about this...