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Haha, this is a bit late considering the show was about three weeks ago, but I was only able to join the forums today. So I'm sorry for the late report!

Things were mostly a blur that night; it was my first concert and I was extremely excited. However, if I could give anything to go back in time and relive the night, I so would. At the time, I wasn't much of a Polysics fan. I was familiar with them, yes, but I didn't know too much about them. A year ago, my brother showed me a Youtube rip of I My Me Mine and I was amused by it and after that, I listened to it and Electric Surfin' Go Go every once in a while. This year, when my anime club said that they were planning on carpooling to Charlotte to see them, I instantly agreed thinking that it would be great to see a Japanese band and all. But little did I know that it would completely rock my world. 8D

When we got to the concert hall (well, and after the almost two hour wait out in the cold haha) we quickly made a beeline to the merchandise booth. This is the first, and most certainly not the last, moment of the night that I now kick myself over. Because if I do remember right, Fumi was the one manning the booth and gave me my copy of Polysics or Die Vista, my first Polysics album. And as it so happens, after I saw their show, she became my absolute favorite of the band. Oh, if only I would have known. D:

I ended up seeing Hiro, Kayo and Yano before the show and we got their signatures on one of their posters. I remember that Hiro scribbled his autograph and then looked at the poster for a second before adding a little line of drool coming out of his picture's mouth and the TOISU speech bubble. When Yano came out, he took a seat at the bar to get a drink and we waited until he came back towards the booth before asking for his signature. Haha, we had borrowed a Sharpie marker from one of the guys who worked at the ticket booth, and I think Yano ended up accidentally taking it. And Kayo.... well, I don't remember what happened when I got her autograph. It's a total blank, haha.

Finally, after the first three bands played, it was the main event. All of you out there who's seen them live, then you know exactly what I mean when I say that it was absolutely amazing and pure energy in the form of music. After looking at some of the other posts here about their recent concerts, I believe that they played more or less the same music from Vista and WATM. These songs are so familiar now, but all of those songs, save for two, were completely new to me three weeks ago.

One of the most memorable moments of the night was when Hiro greeted us with a nice 'ol eff you, which still amuses me and my friends to no end. I also love the moment where he says "THANK YOU!!" and someone in the crowd (one of my friends, I think) replied "you're welcome!" This video also has a bit of them playing We Ate the Machine.

My Sharona was really great, especially when everyone thought they were finished and started clapping; then they started playing again, even stronger than ever!

Their last song of the night was Electric Surfin' Go Go which was a huge blast for me since it was one of the songs I was actually familiar with. I think it was here when my love for Fumi was born, too. <3

And here are a couple pictures! A nice shot of Fumi; Hiro workin' his magic to woo over the crowd; and Hiro playing his guitar with his teeth (sorry for the blurry picture, but it happened all so fast so it was hard to get a picture in the first place, haha). Man, I wish we took more pictures but I think we were too busy getting our socks rocked off. XD (which could have almost happened; the bass was so powerful, I remember my clothes vibrating!)

After the show, there was a long line at the merchandise booth, proof that they clearly won over a great deal of the crowd with their awesome music. I was going to try to have some money left over from the concert, but that ended up not happening when I used the last of my money to buy two packs of their stickers while I was trying to catch Fumi and her autograph. But I believe that someone said that they were very tired and they wouldn't be out for a little while. The others in my anime club needed to get back home, since it was past midnight and we had an hour worth of driving ahead of us, so we left without seeing them again. Que me kicking myself again, because I found out later that they received that Moog petal shortly after we left. Every time I see these pictures, I think "we were hanging out RIGHT IN FRONT of that pool table! D:"

So even though the memories are slightly fuzzy now, I do remember that as I was coming home, I just couldn't get the grin off my face. Three weeks later, it still hasn't disappeared. And I predict that the next time they come 'round, I'll be ready to fully experience them live; not as a newbie, but as a passionate fan. :D

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I was also at this show. Had an amazing time. I was right up front between Fumi and Hiro. Can't believe there were only like 40ish people there. I meant to write up a review of my experiences and how it was totally the most enjoyable concert of my life...but I never got around to it.

Mostly because right after it ended we got to our car and realized that someone had broken ripped off the door handle, broken in and ripped out the ignition while trying to steal the car. When they were unsuccessful in stealing the car, I asusme they decided to make the attempt worth their while, and proceeded to steal close to $1000 worth of stuff from the vehicle (camera, DS, ipod, cds, an empty bookbag, some other stuff...including a half empty bag of chips) kind of discouraged me a bit.

Thankfully we met the nicest cop in existence and he helped us out a lot until we could find a way to get home and he hung out with us to make sure nothing else bad happened (this venue is in a very shady area.) My mom had to make the 3 hour trip all the way down to Charlotte. We didn't get home until 7am. Our car somehow only just got finished being repaired today, so we had to go all the way back and get it. haha. so so terrible.

But despite all of that, as I mentioned before, this was hands down my favorite concert I've ever attended. Seeing as it was my first live Polysics experience, I wasn't bothered by the fact that it was mostly Vista and WATM. I enjoyed it immensely.

Between my sisters and I, we ended up with at least one of everything they were offering at the merch booth (talked with the merch girl for a minute or two, total sweetheart.) We managed to grab one of the setlists when it was over, and somehow ended up with one of Fumi's picks as well.

We decided to wait until they were done performing to get autographs, but it almost ended up being a bad idea. After they were done playing, they immediately began helping out loading up all their gear, and so we felt it would be inpolite to interrupt them.

Just when we decided not to bother them and to just go on home, Fumi saw us standing in the doorway near the stage and motioned for us to come over wearing a big smile. She hilariously called for the other band members one by one and had them come sign our stuff before we could even ask. Talked with them for a few minutes about how we enjoyed the show. We talked about getting lost a few times on the way there, and Hiro mentioned having a little trouble getting there as well. There was also a hilarious moment when Yano tried to give us someone else's marker, and then started asking the other band members who's marker he had and no one knew where it came from. So funny. Fumi was having a hard time signing my sister's poster and tried to use one of the vinyls for a little padding to make it easier. But just when she went to do this, Yano took it and mumbled something in a hilarious voice and laughed. Kayo had out her owl playing with it while waiting for her turn to sign stuff, and drew a picture of it as well. When we were done with autographs and chitchat, we said our goodbyes and thank yous and parted ways.

Umm anyways this ended up being written very poorly and way too long. Sorry about that. haha.

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Yeah, I've been looking at other Polysics concerts, and I've noticed that other crowds was way bigger than the one at that show, haha. I was mostly in front of Hiro, right behind that dude who practically stood like a statue during the entire concert. (Man, that guy made me kinda mad, 'cause he was tall so it was hard to see sometimes. And he ended up with one of Yano's drumsticks in the end too!)

You're so lucky that you got one of Fumi's picks. D: I'm so jealous! I also wish we could have stayed longer so that we could have caught them after the show too....

ROFL I pretty sure that marker that Yano had was ours!! XDDD He had taken the one we had by accident, and by the time we realized we didn't have it, we didn't know where Yano was. Oh man, that's hilarious!!

That does suck about your car and your stolen stuff though. I hope you're able to get everything back, or at least get some money for your loss. O:

Man, oh man, I can't wait 'till the next time they come through here!

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That was your marker? Oh man, that makes it even better. It was such a funny situation. We were all just looking at each other with confused faces and he was all "Yours? No? hmm.. *looks at next person* Yours? No? Again? Who?..Where?..*shakes it with a look of determination* It must be someone's...*pockets it* hmm.." Great great moment.

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Haha, technically, it belonged to one of the guys at the ticket booth. XDDD But it was all good 'cause I think someone at the merch booth had a sharpie so that we could get Kayo's, Hiro's and Sonic Death Rabbit's signatures.

I wish we were there to see him like that though. rofl, I wonder what he would have done when he returned it to us....?

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I just realized that my head and my sister's head are in your Fumi picture.

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Haha, that's great then! So you were in front of my friend Matt who took these pictures and was to the left of me! Wow, very small world! XDDD

So you think you'll try to go to their next concert when they come back to NC? I'm gonna try my hardest to go~!

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That sucks about getting your stuff stolen.  I went to Detroit, and the venue was in one of the bad parts of town (in the worst City in America for crime) and I was surprised to not have anything stolen, but I did pay to park in a lot with an attendant.