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Polysics just rocks the fuck!!!! Me and a couple friends drove from Little Rock to Dallas and then Austin. We saw them in 2006 at the door which was a killer show. One of our friends has seen polysics 6 times. He was lucky enough to see their very first show in LA. Needless to say we are hopeless polysics addicts. It has also lead us to some other killer japanese bands.

Anyhoo. The first show in Dallas we didn't take any pics but rather enjoyed the front row polysics experience. I don't know what it is about me that makes Hiro jump on my shoulders for guitar solos but he did it for a second time. It was so cool consider what a huge fan I am. Perhaps it was because I was a little bit more sturdy than the others in the crowd. However that second brownie was kicking in good. The show was as you would expect high energy non stop perfection. The live show sounds even better than the CD. I wish I could have logged in sooner to warn agains the opening bands the first one was pretty good but jaguar love was one of the worst acts I have ever seen live and that is saying allot. There were many people screaming you suck and get off stage among other more colorful sayings.

The second show at EMOs was kick ass. I didn't get front row this time but rather stood on the small balcony that overlooked the pit and provided a better view of the band. The sound was also amazing very clear where as the Dallas show I was worshipping Fumi and getting too much bass from her stage monitor. I took lots of pics and danced my ass off.

The band is so personable. Everytime I see them I buy everything I can get my hands on a couple tshirts, vinyl and the new cd. This is the best way to meet the band, take pics with the band, and talk to them. I go to talk to everyone but the drummer. They are so nice. I asked Hiro what it was like opening for DEVO and his eyes lit up and said it was like a dream. I had difficulty talking to Fumi and Kayo as they are so beautiful but I did ok. They could tell we were huge fans and had high respect for their music. The road trip was a huge success.

This band loves to play and it shows!
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Nice report, man. smile

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Thanks for the report! Nice pics. I really need to get my photo with Kayo one of these tours...