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Topic: Detroit Show?

I attended the show at the Magic Stick in Detroit, MI.  I drove 1.5 hours with two of my friends to go see them.  We arrived way too early, because not only did we have to sit in the noisy cafe/bar part of the venue, but everyone who was attending the show was made to line up outside in the freezing, windy, cold while pan-handlers and drug-dealers tried to do business with the people in line.

I thought drug-dealers would try to be secretive, but this guy was selling pot like hot dogs yelling "Medical Marijuana, just passed!!"  I thought it was funny, but it's ridiculous.  He claimed to have all kinds of stuff on him, but he didn't look like he had anything but pot.  Some guys bought some and smoked it with him, buying pot from some random guy in Detroit sound like a good idea?

After giving my pocket change to homeless, freezing, and smelling the weed, we were finally let in a half hour after the posted time.

The first band, Black Gold was okay.  Jaguar Love was horrible, the shrill screeching of the singer was painful.  During this time we would try and catch Polysics members when they appeared.  We got our vinyl album covers signed, then took our pictures with each one.  Kayo was helping sell merchandise and playing with a finger puppet owl most of the time, Hiro, Fumi, and Yano didn't come out until later.  They were all really nice and we liked their autographs. 

The rest of the time we watched this guy who thought he was apart of the show flail around and create a dancefloor for himself to flail and attempt to break dance on, and at one point he galluped around the entire venue. He ran into people and almost slapped them in the face - Me and a few others took pictures of this guy, he was so ridiculous. 

After the first couple of bands, the guy left, and we got close to the stage (but right next to the speakers, with no ear plugs).

The songs were mostly from Polysics or Die Vista or We ate the Machine, as I read in a review.  I wanted New Wave Jacket, but no such luck.  The last time I saw Polysics was during the MySpace tour where they were an opening band, and the audience was mostly scene kids in striped hoodies who spent the time texting and whining about Polysics.  Here, the enthusiasm was greater, and it was a great show.  (despite the dancing guy trying to get hi-fives all the time and humping our things)

My ears are still ringing, but it was worth it.  Maybe I'll post pictures later.

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Thanks for the review! Please post your pics when you can yikes)

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I can tell that first pic of Hiro is rather early on in the set. By the later songs, he usually soaked his jumpsuit into a darker shade.

Neat pics. That dancing fool seems pretty amusing! We didn't have anyone like him at the Toronto show, thank goodness...

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I was there too and it was AWESOME!!1!!!!!!

Even though I was a moron and didn't take any pics with the band...blah, Hiro and Yano ~ WOULD'NT STOP TALKING~ to me when I was getting my CD signed by them. I think they were trying to psych themselves up for the concert. Of course, when I told Hiro that I wanted to see them live in Japan next year when I study abroad, he looked up at me and smiled, took in a big breath, and almost shouted, "That would be SOOO COOL!!" I was thinking, "holy crap." The most frightening part of the concert was when I was just jumping around in the front row and all of a sudden, BAM!, Hiro's ass was in my face. WTF?!
But it was a great show. I would see them again any day.

My boyfriend was with me and had never heard of POLYSICS before the show, and he was shocked that so many people knew the words. He likes them.