Topic: If Anyones Interested

My band had an interview with Internet radio Station TSM:

Two of our tracks we're also reviewed: … esuka.html

Hmmm, they didn't pick up on the POLYSICS influence, but I'm guessing they've just never heard them.

They played a couple of the tracks on one of their DJ shows tonight too, and I was happy to hear the DJ's singing along!
Yaaayy XD
You can hear they again in a Podcast, but It's not really that interesting.

All things are going well in SCV land actually, we've finished recording our first Album, we are gigging regularly (3 are coming up in the next week), and were actually going in for 2 more Radio interviews within the next fortnight (none more with TSM, but whatever).

We're hoping that all the new songs will be finished next week, but I kind of doubt it.
I never finished any of the covers I talked about on here, but thats just because I have no chance of recreating anything as awesome as POLYSICS have done.
I should cover something Shit instead?


Re: If Anyones Interested

I would actually be quite interested in hearing what you could do with a Coldplay song Stu big_smile
I'm glad to hear it's all going well for you. Like I've said before though, get some gigs on the other side of Britain and I might turn up lol