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Hi !

I'm Danshikun, and I'm French ! (I didn't find any board about Polysics in France, so sorry for my bad english x))

I'm quite young (16), and I listen to Polysics since 2005, and I saw them for a live in France -> 29 February 2008 !

My favourite band member is Kayo !

My favourite songs are Rocket & Shizuka is a machine doctor ^^

My favourite food is chicken - chips !

I don't have any favourite animal ^^

My favourite colours is blue & red

I also like visual-kei !
                       Shizuka is a machine doctor         

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OK, I haven't done this yet, so I thought I'd join in big_smile

I'm Stuart. Its a Lame name so call me something else.

Music is the best thing about life, and POLYSICS make the best music in the world.

I like POLYSICS smile

My favourite POLYSICS songs change too often, but my favourite Albums are FYEP and National P

Foodwise I like anything stirred and fried. Also chickeney things

My favorite animal is the Owl. I know, i know. Kayo love and all that, but I have actually loved owls since I was a kid big_smile I think its fate telling me something

I love New Wave. I listen too DEVO a bit excessively, and POLYSICS managed to introduce me to P-Model and Plastics, whom I adore.

Music is pretty much all I do, but I also like going out with mates and Drinking.
I'm bad at Karaoke, but I still try


I have a band called Super Cute Voices.
I got the name from a POLYSICS T-Shirt.
We are 2 tracks off finishing our first album.
Its gonna be called '1st SCV'.
Its not Really.

I love the coelakanth board, its the only place I can shamelessly share my POLY love.

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Having just recently joined the mass ranks of Polysics fans, this is me

My name is William.

My favourite band member is Kayo. Though Fumi is also pretty ace

My favourite songs are Life In Yellow, Kaja Kaja Goo! and Coelakanth is Android

My favourite food is pizza.

My favourite animal is my cat Tricky Vee(yes that his her name) she has two movies now on youtube:).

My favourite colour is green.

I also like a Canadian girl:) Not Alanis Morrisette before you ask:)

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Hello ! I'm a new fan of Polysics but I allready like them ! They are awesome.
I'm 17 and I'm Belgian. I speak French everyday so I'm sure that I'll make some English Mistakes XD. I missed their EU tour... I'm so sad.

My favourite band member is Kayo of course. She's so cute big_smile

My favourite songs are My sharona and Baby Bias

My favourite food is French fries

My favourite animals are lolcats

My favourite colour is Green.

I like mangas and american comics. And I like also drawing !


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Hi Nurglish and welcome to the board!

You may have noticed it's a bit quiet around here right now. I hope this will change as we get nearer to the European tour or Summer Sonic in August and the jammy gits who are going decide to lord it over the rest of us ;o)

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hi nurglish, it's very odd isn't it- almost like everyone got very busy at the same time- unless it's the comedown after the last POLYSICS physical release. oh well must be a new single out soon- i'm sure everyone will make time for that

Re: The Official Intro Thread

mbedd wrote:

POLYSICS physical release.

That sounds... dirty.

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Hi all. I'm The Fox. I got into Polysics around 2003, I believe. Stumbled over Code 4 online somewhere and they've been my favorite band pretty much ever since. After lurking here for a good while, I figured I would actually join and start participating because I have nowhere else to share my Poly love. haha. Then I got busy and forgot about this place. But now I'm back, finally actually posting. Wee. So anyways...

Aside from the Kayo-fever that is so common (and rightfully so) I don't really have a favorite band member. I enjoy them all pretty much equally.

As far as songs go, Code 4 would probably be my absolute favorite, with an ever rotating list of close seconds.

Favorite album is National P, but that really isn't saying much because I enjoy them all a lotttt.

My favorite foods are watermelon, french fries and chicken nuggets.

I don't have a favorite color.

My favorite animal would have to be the wooly mammoth. Even though they don't exist now, I still enjoy them the most. For whatever reason. heh.

I am almost always listening to music or singing along to songs stuck in my head, and I'd like to think that I have a really varied and open taste as far as that goes.

I really enjoy playing video games and watching movies/television/anime/whatever. I'll watch and play just about anything, and have favorite games and movies from pretty much every genre you can think of. That being said, I find myself playing RPGs and puzzle games the most.

Sending and recieving letters through snail mail is something I love and wish more people still did in this day and age.

I'll stop talking now.

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Name: Brian

Favorite Polysic: I love them all, but it has to be Hiro - what would Polysics be without him!?

Song: Too difficult!! It would be difficult even to choose a top 10... songs that i have special memories of though would be Kaja Kaja Goo & New Wave Jacket (i remember hearing these for the first time on the Sur La Plage website just before the Polysics or Die came out - i instantly loved this band, even though i knew nothing about them), Baby BIAS (i found the video on YouTube and watched it over and over and over waiting DESPERATELY for Now is the Time to come out), Urge On (the second time i saw them live Hiro climbed on my shoulders to play the guitar solo!!) and Black Out Fall Out (this song is so beautiful it makes me wanna cry every time i hear it! especially 2:24 - 2:26 maybe the best bit in any song ever??)

Food: Most of it! You'll notice this if you ever see me in person.

Animal: Otters & my girlfriends cat Muku.

Color: Yellow

Confession: I am so lame that i got excited just WALKING PAST the Shibuya AX, knowing that it was where the awesome Now is the Live show was shot.

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Name: Carrie

Favorite Polysic: Fumi. Holy flip, she is awesome. Kayo comes in a close second place. Oooh, but the both of them together....! Ah, they're such a cute pair~

Favorite Song: Let's see.... Catch on Everywhere because both the song and the music video is so very cute. Also, Fumi is uh, really attractive in that video to me, for some reason. (Haha, this might be the only place that I could say that and not get weird stares.... right?) Colon makes me laugh every flippin' time because Hiro sounds like someone who's singing in the shower badly. XDDDDD When I saw one of the videos of Code 4, this one, I felt the passion in Hiro's voice right in my heart and it instantly became a favorite. My other favorites will rotate every once in a while, but mostly they're Buggie Technical, Rocket, Pretty Good, Watson, Black Out Fall Out (both versions), Commodoll, Hard Rock Thunder, New Wave Jacket, Electric Surfin' Go Go, Wild One, Lookin' Lookin' GAA and Peach Pie on the Beach. Yeah, I just totally looked at my "Polysics Favorites" and read most of it off. I think my favorite albums are Polysics or Die!!! and Now is the Time!.

Food: Hmm.... I really enjoy medium rare steaks. I also like Hershey's Cookies and Cream bars and Coca-cola.

Animal: I don't really have one, actually.

Colour: Orange. Which might be another reason why I love this band.

Confession: I've rewatched many of Polysics PVs and live videos just so that I could see what colors Fumi and Kayo have their nails painted. Then I buy nail polish of those colors and paint my nails like them. Last week, I wore the colors that Fumi (and Kayo, as I found out after looking at my poster for the millionth time) wore in the We Ate The Machine posters, which is dark blue with a yellow index finger. Now, I have the Surfin' Go Go style: alternating lime green and orange. Yup, I'm a dork.

Confession 2: A few days after I went to my first Polyconcert, I went to their myspaces and went through all of their pictures. (I mostly saved the ones with Fumi in 'em, lol. Or some random funny ones.) Then I went through their Japanese blog. And I mean all of it. XDD It was really neat finding out more about them, haha. I was really happy when I found out Kayo was a lefty since I'm one too, and I laughed my butt off at the daily random Polysics antics like Fumi in a synth bag or Hiro sharing a very long loaf of bread and a couple bottles of wine with Yano in France. Man, they're so crazy. XDDD <333 Anyway, I now have well over three hundred Polysics pictures. And still looking for more!

The moment you knew you had an addiction: See confession 2, haha. My friend is all "you stalker!" But I say that I'm just a dedicated fan. :D

Also, the whole Kayumi/Fuyo thing made me laugh. XDDD

I don't post here much anymore but I still have a fond appreciation for Polysics. Hit me up on Twitter @west_haven if you really wanna talk to me smile

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hai, my name is Emma-chan. but you can just call me Emma :3

favorite band member? uh... Kayo, I guess. XD

favorite song? ooh, I have a lot... but my very very favorites would have to be Plus Chicker<981017 mix>, Black Out Fall Out, and... I'm really in love with Shout Aloud! right now >w< though I love a lot of their songs... LOL.

food? uh... I love cheese and just about anything that is cheese flavored. :B oh, and strawberry and almond crush Pocky >o<

my favorite animals are cats. and penguins... I love penguins.

my favorite colors are pink, blue, black and gray. XD

I love to play video games and talk to people on MSN.

and... uh... well, I'm falling in love with Polysics all over again and am super excited about the new single, I think Shout Aloud! is just so awesome<333

... yeah. 8D, it's been a while since someone last posted here. XD

Re: The Official Intro Thread

Welcome Emma!! Haha, I have a friend named Emma who doesn't like Polysics at all, so it's funny to see you, an Emma who does like Polysics! (I'm easily amused, lol) Nice to meet you though!

Wow, so I was the last person to post here? Hmm, and my favorite songs changed around a bit since then....

And Shout Aloud! is really awesome!! I can't wait for the single! \o/

I don't post here much anymore but I still have a fond appreciation for Polysics. Hit me up on Twitter @west_haven if you really wanna talk to me smile

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Hello, My names Ross and I'm addicted to anything 8-bit

My favourite band member is kayo

My favourite songs are Nice and Wild One

My favourite food is noodles, cheese and tuna tongue

My favourite animal is LIGRA!!!

My favourite colour is green

I'm also extremely enthuesiastic about every type of metal, punk, pop(anything from the 60's - 90's), chiptunes(videogame and originals) and a little bit of everything else

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Hi and I'm heavypoly6

My favorite band member would probably be Sugai or Yano, I love the drums XP.

My favorite songs are Buggie Technica, Plus Chicker, Weak Point, and T-Riangle

My favorite food is sushi, noodles, and probably strawberry stuff yummy smile.

My favorite animal is penguin or a pig.

My favorite colour is blue.

I also love playing with puzzles, mostly the rubik's cube. Fun fun fun. I usually get between 25-45 sec for solves. my personal record is 23.80 seconds. big_smile


Re: The Official Intro Thread

heavypoly6 wrote:

I also love playing with puzzles, mostly the rubik's cube. Fun fun fun. I usually get between 25-45 sec for solves. my personal record is 23.80 seconds. big_smile

Haha, I love Rubix Cubes too! I can usually get it solved in a minute. I'm so slow compared to my brother ;A;

I don't post here much anymore but I still have a fond appreciation for Polysics. Hit me up on Twitter @west_haven if you really wanna talk to me smile

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Hi, I'm Mistabeen and I'm a bit polyobsessed. I listen to allot of different genres of music and never could pick a favorite band... untill Polysics came along big_smile

My favourite band member is .... I can't pick a member here, I could pick Kayo for her cute robot-thing she has going on. Hiro's crazy stagepresence, seriously, he's worse than the energizer bunny big_smile and then there's Fumi who's looking badass playing bass. Not to forget Yano hidden behind his drums, beeing all mysterious tongue

My favourite songs are ... I can't pick ;___; Shout Aloud on their latest cd really has me going, Electric surfing go go, Rocket, black out fallout, get back to 8bit, baby bias...  just to name a few

My favourite food is a good steak with some fries on the side :3

My favourite animal is a cat, they are great for staring contests big_smile

My favourite colour is green.

Funfact 1: aka warning: Impending doom approaching. There is only 1 band on the MP3 player in my car, Polysics. I also tend to get lost in the music. So you have a steel structure on wheels powered by an engine capable of accelerating said steel structure to high speeds. All under the control of someone going crazy to Polysics tongue but all foolishness aside, I am serious when I say I only have one band I listen to in the car tongue

Funfact 2: I am a Graphic Designer working from home, because of this I get to pick the music I listen to all day myself. While all other office workers I know are stuck listening to the radio all day at work, I have the freedom to have polysics blasting trough my speakers while working big_smile

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Hi, I'm Airy. My favorite bands are Polysics  and P-Model.

My favorite member of Polysics is Hiro, second favorite is Fumi.

My favorite Poly songs? Maybe New Wave Jacket and Baby Bias, but it's so hard to pick.

My favorite food is...chicken strips.

My favorite animal is the fox.

My favorite color is sky blue.

I like videogames, anime, and other geek stuff.

I like to draw. One of these days I'll draw some Polysics fanart.

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hey, I'm Katzinaru

My favorite member iiiiiiiiiiiiis Kayo

Favorite songs: Electric Surfin' Go Go, Code 4, Coelakanth is Android, Black Out Fall Out etc etc etc

Favorite food: Sour Patch Kids (or cheeseburgers)

Favorite animal: SLOTH or Nautilus

Other genres I like: variations of folk , Post-Rock, Chiptunes, Whatever the Katamari Damacy soundtrack is, Classical (though I'm no connoisseur), Ambient, House, Kraut Rock, misc. 

Now to stop copying the OP. 

I first encountered Polysics through their I My Me Mine video, and checked out some of their other music.  I've been a fan since then.  I've occasionally lurked here to get information, and just finally decided to join.  I also like comics, and hope we get along! 


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I realized that I never introduced my self on this thread, so here we go....

I'm Supreme Nothing

Favorite Polysics member: I adore all of them, but I seem to have recently developed a mild Fumi crush. Not really a "lust" crush but more of a "omg she's so freakin' cool" crush.

My favorite Poly songs: I love the early version of "Black Out Fall Out" soooo much. (the "remake" is cool too) I also crank up "Each Life Each End" pretty loud whenever I hear it.

I first heard about Polysics in 2002, when Giant Robot magazine printed a short interview with Hiro. The article gave me the impression that they were just simple DEVO copycats, so I regret to admit that I wrote them off as such. It wasn't until the "I Me Mine" video started making the rounds on YouTube that I finally heard their music. Obviously I realized right away that I was wrong to judge them without listening, and became a big fan pretty much immediately from that point.

My favorite food: pancakes and burritos

My favorite animals are dogs. I have two labs which serve as "children" to me and my wife.

My favorite color is green.

I am obsessively obsessed with pop-culture, and culture in general. I basically have an interest in trying to learn every single bit of knowledge that I can. I'm especially into finding overlooked music and film from around the world.

I have a dull graphic design/prepress job, and try to do fun, creative stuff to offset it.

I have a blog, and have just started a podcast:

I don't have any real-life friends who are as into Polysics as much I am, so I'm very glad this board exists. smile

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Re: The Official Intro Thread

And a big (official) TOISU to you!! May I ask your real first name? Calling you Supreme may make me hungry for pizza.

Don't worry about the Fumi crush, I know exactly how you feel! I just watched We ate the Show and I just couldn't stop watching her!

I don't have any IRL fans who like them either, really. A few who did go to the concert last tour so they know about them, and I spam their videos before anime club starts, but really, no other crazy fans like me. So arigatoisu Coelakanth!!!!

I still feel like I should revise my intro post. My favorite songs have completely changed, rofl.

I don't post here much anymore but I still have a fond appreciation for Polysics. Hit me up on Twitter @west_haven if you really wanna talk to me smile

Re: The Official Intro Thread

Carrie, you can call me Brian. Actually, anybody on here can call me that.

The two friends that came to the show with me are fans now. They bought CDs from the merch table and raved about how awesome they were. Mission accomplished! big_smile

Re: The Official Intro Thread

Supreme Nothing wrote:

Carrie, you can call me Brian. Actually, anybody on here can call me that.

The two friends that came to the show with me are fans now. They bought CDs from the merch table and raved about how awesome they were. Mission accomplished! big_smile

That was what happened to me. Best way to be converted, I'd say. I mean, the band is RIGHT THERE, blasting the music and Hiro yelling at you. Practically insta-fan.

Toisu, Brian! o/

I don't post here much anymore but I still have a fond appreciation for Polysics. Hit me up on Twitter @west_haven if you really wanna talk to me smile

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Hallu hallu!
I would like to introduce myself:

My name is Raven

My favorite member used to be Kayo, now i've grown to appreciate how much skill and artistry there really is in YANO's drumming.

I can't get enough of ROCKET, especially now that I've actually read the translation. But COMPUTER OBACHAN comes a very close second.

My favorite food is TAPSILOG. It is teh awesome.

I have a cat.

I too, have a very boring prepress job. But it pays for the apartment and painting materials so we're at peace right now.

I met the Polysics while wandering around a Borders (of all places) and finding their Myspace album and buying it off spare change. I've been in love ever since.

Nobody I know likes them though, and that part's extremely lonely sad I wish i got around to actually talking to the other fans during the Chicago show, but I was too giddy in anticipation to even muster the energy to start a conversation with strangers.

Re: The Official Intro Thread

Toisu Raven! (toisu is such a fun thing to say, haha)

Oh, that's really neat, meeting them like that!! And don't worry, now that you're part of Coelakanth, you can talk to all of us about them!! :DD

I don't post here much anymore but I still have a fond appreciation for Polysics. Hit me up on Twitter @west_haven if you really wanna talk to me smile

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Toisu toisu toisu toisu! to all the new people smile
Fun to see all these graphic industry people here, I'll join your ranks with having a dull prepress job (alltho i'm in the startup of going freelance) There must be a connection here Prepress <> Polysics ¬_¬ lol

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