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just had my daily watch of the plus chicker video and realised how sick that guy is!

anyone know anything about him other than his name?

Sako wins Fumi

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ooooooooooooooh The Mongkey wont be happy tongue

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Ooooooooooooooooh indeed. Blasphemer!  Burn the heretic!

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He was pretty intense live, saw two clips (buggie technica and a show in 99 - both on nico nico) and he's all over the place. Tried to get some info on him myself but no results either, I'm pretty curious about the reasons that got him to leave the band, but I disagree on "sako wins fumi" big_smile

Any info would be really appreciated!

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I wouldn't say that Sako > Fumi, but he's pretty awesome.

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Sako was crazy and throwing bread in everybodys face XD but Fumi is beast


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OK, hold on to your pants!!! Thanks to a Japanese friend I made on twitter, I have new Sako info after 3 years of searching!!! In 1999 Sako joined a band called ヤング100V (Young 100v). Here is a link to a video of him playing guitar in the band!!! Hope everyone enjoys!!! Bring on more new info!!!

Here is a blog post of a guy who went to see them in 2009 and Sako was still in the band. There is a picture of him and the author of the blog.