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Small tour but tour non the less.

POLYSICS is going to come back to your
town very soon!!!! You must let all friends of
yours know immediately:)
Here is the details of UK tour schedule.
Don't miss it!!!!

Brighton @Concorde2
DOORS: 7:00 pm

Re: July Tour

Maybe they'll add a couple more dates... seems an awful long way to come just for three shows.

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Well they're at a French festival a few days before this, so these dates could be in additional to that

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You're quite right, I missed that. I've just signed up to MySpace, it must be rotting my brain already...

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so did anypne go to these gigs? i heard they played brand new songs, according to Hiro column they played a new song called MUSUNDE HIRAITE at the festival in france

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Went to the London gig - the Garage is a total armpit though and the heat was unbearable. They were giving away free water at the bar, as 150 deaths from heat stroke would probably not have looked good in the papers the next day.

They had the new orange jumpsuits on (yay!) and I might have heard one track I didn't recognise, but equally I might just have been confused.

Bit thin on the merchandising front too - three new badges, the last packet of which were sold to the person before me in the queue, a white Toisu! shirt which they only had in small, the black NitT shirt and the CD itself. I was hoping they'd bring some copies of the new single but alas 'twas not to be.

So all in all it wasn't my favourite Polysics experience.

Re: July Tour

Yeah, I've got to agree with Mongkey. The Garage show was far from the best Polysics gig I've been to, it was just too hot in the venue. It was so bad poeple were actually leaving halfway through. A shame, considering Polysics seemed to be on good form.

The setlist was a bit weird. They played a couple of new songs, including the new B-side Da da da da daa, but surprisingly they didn't play the new single, which was a bit of a dissappointment. There was no Urge on! or Each Life Each End either which are favourites of mine, so all in all an unsatisfying set, however the band played it out well considering the heat.

Here's what I can remember of the setlist, if anyone can see any mistakes then I'll change it. I think these are all the songs they played, but the order, particularly the middle songs are maybe the wrong way round.

Coelacanth is Android
Kaja Kaja Goo
Da da da da daa!
Life in Yellow
I my me mine
Mr Psycho Psycho
Peach pie on the beach
Ah Yeah!
Boy's Head
New wave Jacket
Baby bias

My Sharona
Black Out Fall Out

Interesting to note that the encore was identical to the one they played at the 93ft East in May.

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thanks, wish they'd play something other than My Sharona though... Lookin' Lookin' Gaa should really be put back on the set

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I got Hiro's setlist from The Garage so I thought I might aswell post the order from that:

Coelakanth is Andoroid
Kaja Kaja Goo
Da Da Da Da Daa!  (with Urge On!! crossed out underneath)
Musunde Hiraite
I My Me Mine
Boy's Head
Mr. Psycho Psycho
New Wave Jacket
What Do You Wanna Do
Peach Pie On The Beach

My Sharona
Black Out Fall Out

and Hiro and Yano both signed it at the end for me - yay!

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