Re: "How was the concert??"

Yea that was a really cool thing for hiro to do.  I can't believe that you went and asked the gaurd to get kayo. In orlando kayo was the first person at the merch booth. She was out there alone and was smiling the whole time. In orlando fumi-sama came out last and only stayed like 10 minutes. But at least kayl signed your stuff. I'm glad for you!

Re: "How was the concert??"

@ Dubs and jigenbakuda: Yes, I was pretty impressed when Hiro went out of his way like that for us... Seriously...this is why I love the Polysics. They're just so...universal! Anyone, no matter the language or background, can enjoy them...and when they are so kind and open to their fans....just wow. O_O

As for asking the guard... ^^; Yeah, I can be kinda pushy...but polite! ^_______^ He was actually quite kind to go back and ask for them...I'm sure almost anyone in his position would have told us all to shuffle off! <Thank you, Mr. Security Guard-samaaaaa!!>

...and yeah, I'm still excited about that concert, even though it was a week ago! >w<

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