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I've just got back from two weeks in Japan, I thanks to good timing I managed to get a ticket to one of their gigs while I was there!

It was really a completely different experience to all the times I've seen them in the UK (about 10 or so in total), and even though it was a joint headline show with Vola & the Oriental Machine and Spartan Locals, they were second on and clearly the most popular band...infact there were tons of fans dressed up in orange boiler suits and even the official glasses!

The set they played was really good, and they played amongst more popular songs, more unusual ones like 'Rack Rack' (which Kayo actually plays guitar on!?!) 'Polysics or die!!!' and 'Rocket', and I think there was a few more unusual ones but I cant really remember. I always got the impression that Polysics weren't really that popular in Japan, but the were sooo popular, and everyone knew and did all the dance moves in each song!

The other two bands didn't really interested me at all...but at the end all the bands came out and did a song called 'Tokyo' or something together, and Polysics came out in their marine costumes! Hiro, Kayo and Fumi also sang with the lead singers of the other bands, whilst Yano quite awkwardly danced with a tambourine...

Overall, it was definitely the best time I'd seen them since the first time back in 2004, and it was such a different atmosphere than any gig in the UK. I also managed to buy loads on the merch stand, including a towel and various other crap, and even managed to get the two videos I've been looking for for aaaages, they even gave me something signed by the band, probably cos I spent so much! They did have the glasses, but at 15,000 yen (around 75 pounds) I couldn't afford them!! sad

Oh, I also did manage to take any photos, as they didnt let you use cameras in the venue, but if your interested here's a video of 'Rocket' from the gig off youtube:

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rack rack? what the fucks that?

sounds amaazing

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Lloyd - Botnik wrote:

rack rack? what the fucks that?

song off Now is the Time


think they've being playing quite a few of the rarer because of their tenth anniversary, hopefully they will do the same next time they come here. anyway sounds like you had a great time, wish i could be there

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which version is it on? i have the american version and it isnt on that, sorry about going off on a tangent.

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Rack Rack is on the Japanese release of Now Is The Time! It`s one of the best songs on the album.

I was at the Volapolylocals gig as well, and I`ve managed to get a wristband to the secret gig later.

The gig was certainly different to the UK ones. Rack Rack and Rocket were the clear highlights. They didn`t play too much recent stuff though. In fact, the didn`t play any of the recent singles come to think of it. Also there were a few technical problems during the beginning of the set when they played Urge On. It was quite a short set though, and I thought soundwise Vola blew them away. Hopefully Polysics will deliver a full set tonight.

I`ve got to agree with Polysix on the merch stand, it had pretty much every Polysics release (with the exceptions of the limited editions). Did you manage to buy the orange VHS tape? What was that? The Plus Chicker PV or something.

Here`s the setlist (from NMTNC)
Coelakanth Is Android
Urge On!
Rack Rack
I My Me Mine
Polysics or Die!!!!
Baby Bias
Tei! Tei! Tei!
Kaja Kaja Goo
Peach Pie On The Beach
New Wave Jacket

I missed the Locals band or whatever their name was, but I did manage to catch the encore bit with the sailor suits. It was a nice finish.

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OK, I went to the secret gig.

It was great, if a little brief. They unvieled a new "myspace colour", which is a kind of dark blue. It`s alright. They must have unvieled the colour thing long before the show because loads of fans had the new colour jumpsuits. You could also guess it by the fact that there was a dress code for the gig (wear a blue coloured shirt).

The setlist was really good. I can`t remember it all but they started with Electric Surfin` Go Go (which had an extended intro) and they also went on to play some rarer tracks like Go Ahead Now (pretty good) and Each Life Each End (awseome). They played a slighty shorter and rather odd version of BlackOut Fallout in the middle of the set to my surprise.  They played the usual stuff as well, like Kaja Kaja Goo, My Sharona, I My Me Mine, Shizuka, Coelakanth and the now semi-familiar Rocket. They closed the show with Domo Arigato Mr Roboto which sounded really rough, but it was good to hear it nontheless.

I think all the band played DJ sets in between the live acts. When I walked in the venue Hiro and Fumi were DJing, and after Polysics had played Yano took over. I had to leave at that point so I may have missed an encore, but I thought it was a good enough show as it was.

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Wow, that gigs sounds amazing! Sadly I'd left the country by the time it happened, but would have really loved to have gone. Have you been to many other gigs of theirs in Japan?

The orange video is the Live at Tokyo New Wave one, which is a set around the time they released '1st P', there's a clip of 'Buggie Technica' from it from Dvdvpvdvlive and its got the original lineup of Poly 1-4. It's only about 5 pounds I think, but I think it was out of print for quite a long time and maybe only just released again, either way it was impossible to get from the UK. Well worth getting a copy!

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5 pounds!? bargain! in japan they can charge stupid prices for VHS, i seen some go for 70 pounds

some clips of the secret show are here: be warned the sound quality is crap though you do get to hear some Mr Roboto

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I managed to find the setlist, here it is.

Electric Surfin' Go Go
Coelakanth Is Android
Shizuka is a machine doctor
I My Me Mine
each life each end
go ahead now!
Tei! Tei! Tei!
Domo Arigato Mr Roboto

It seems they played Blackout much later than I`d remembered. Anyways, the first 6 songs were amazing. Probably the best I`ve seen Polysics play since the 93ft East show I went to.

These 2 gigs will be the only ones I`m going to while I`m here. I return to the UK on the 3rd October, 1 day before they play with GO!GO!7188. In fact, the venue where they`re playing that gig is a place called Club Que, it`s really tiny, I was there last night to see Vola again, it would be awesome to see Polysics there.

Also, I`ve been to karaoke a few times this week and was surprised to see that some of the places had quite a large selection of Polysics songs. So far I`ve sang Shizuka Is A Machine Doctor which turned out pretty good, and XCT, which was a bit shit because the karaoke version didn`t really sound right, and the English words were all wrong.  The place I went to last night had a really odd selection. They had the popular songs like I My Me Mine, Baby Bias, Catch On Everywhere, etc. But they also had some comparatively quite obscure stuff like Weeder, Bye-Bye Red Sneaker and Miss Donuts.

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wow, would be great to get a copy of those songs. i would totally try to sing miss donuts, most likely butcher it though.

little tidbit about GO!GO!7188, my first Poly gig at the Liverpool barfly the second person that arrived waiting to get in (i was the first) was the bassist of GO!GO!! i didn't know this till i read it on Polysics website a few days later.

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Go Ahead Now: